Prenatal Yoga- Ways to Strengthen the Body

Prenatal Yoga- Ways to Strengthen the Body

Yoga is the oldest form of exercise that has been in practice since centuries. It is not only gained popularity in India but also in western countries. Today, there are many women who have opened to the fact of understanding the benefits of prenatal yoga. This is a very good way ensuring a healthy development and growth of the fetus for a pregnant woman. Along with benefitting the growth of the fetus, prenatal yoga also focuses on a woman’s health and comfort.

About Prenatal Yoga

In India, there are many places where prenatal yoga is practiced. Experts are trained for various asanas so that it makes the pregnancy time easier as well as have less strain during childbirth. Other than the postures, importance is also given to breathing techniques which relaxes the body and mind in any situation. It is very important for a pregnant woman to feel relaxed, as during this time the body and the mind are stressed easily.

During pregnancy because of hormonal changes, a woman goes through mood swings, stress and tension. These emotional changes may cause harm to the mother and the fetus as well. Therefore, a lot of importance is given to meditation and yoga which is clubbed with cardio vascular exercises.

Prenatal yoga is divided into three sections: the first trimester, second trimester and the third trimester. Along with these, the trainer also gives tips on do’s and don’ts for pregnant women. When a person is practicing prenatal yoga, there should not be any mistake in the posture and breathing exercise because this may later effect the growth of the fetus.

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

 A regular practice of prenatal yoga helps the fetus to grow and develop well. The reason for the good growth is because the stretching asanas give space to the fetus to grow comfortably. The method of breathing that is practiced in prenatal yoga ensures a free flow of oxygen to the fetus. One of the most important benefits of practicing this form of yoga is that it makes it easier for a woman to go through labor by toning and strengthening the muscles.   

Prenatal yoga helps the to-be-mother to know her body needs and accept changes; these changes can be acceptable or unacceptable. The different breathing technique also helps the mind to relax and be calm. It is very common for pregnant women to have body aches, joint pains, feel anxious and uncomfortable. Thus, all this can be eliminated by prenatal yoga.

Things to Remember

One most important thing to remember before a pregnant woman starts practicing prenatal yoga are to check with her doctor if it is possible for her to do it. The reason being, that prenatal yoga has a few asanas which might not be recommended keeping a woman’s body condition in mind. A pregnant woman should do this yoga only with the help of a trained expert.

Earlier, prenatal yoga was not well known, but now it is one of the popular forms of yoga. There have been amazing results after the practice for this yoga. With a regular practice, many women have had a stress free pregnancy and a healthy child.