What is Pregnancy Yoga

What is Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga is the most dynamic and effective exercise which is becoming popular worldwide. There are many types of yoga which one can take up. The ancient Indian technique of improving the overall body health has persified itself into many fields. Pregnant women are normally advised to not take up any kind of physical activity. But in yoga there are no such limitations. Apart from it being healthy for the mother it is also effective to the unborn. There are specific asanas for a mother which she should be practicing. Even for something like yoga, the mother cannot afford to do intensive yoga. Some of the basic yoga techniques are advised for pregnant women.

Pregnancy yoga

Pregnancy yoga is compiled of 5 most important tools in yoga. The most vital and instrumental principles which yoga follows at ground level are the practices which pregnant women should take up. By practicing these tools, the mother can expect for a smooth delivery of the child. The 5 vital tools of yoga are explained below. 

Yoga exercise – Yoga exercises are nothing but postures in which you align your body. There are particular exercises in yoga which will enhance and strengthen your pelvis and reproductive organs. This will make sure that you can deliver smoothly and also help you in maintain good health. Child birth is simplified for the mother with these particular exercises. At the initial stages lot of blood supply and nutrients are directed towards the foetus. This will help you to strengthen the foetus region and also improve the health of the baby. 

Pranayama – Pranayama is a breathing technique. Systematic breathing is very important for the blood to flow all over the body. Breathing is considered to be the most important function of the body. Irregular pattern of breathing is not healthy for anybody and especially pregnant women.  With proper breathing you are giving ample supply of oxygen to your body and also to your child. This will also help in improving your fitness. 

Mudras – Mudras are also known as Bandhas. In simple words these are the hand gestures which you are asked to maintain while you are doing yoga. Every hand gesture has a psycho-physical stimulation in your body. Your nervous and masculine systems are merged by this particular gesture. These mudras are very helpful for the mother in having healthy reproductive organs. 

Meditation – Meditation is rated as the best relaxation technique all across the globe. There are many personality developments which are involved in this practice. When meditation is practiced in proper guidance it will help you control your neurosis, fears and inner complexes. It is very important for the mother to have a healthy mental state. This will also affect the child. Meditation on a regular basis will increase your awareness about yourself and your surroundings. This will also help you in connecting with the baby inside you. There are many advantages of meditation which are based with nervous system. 

Deep relaxation – Mothers should have a calm and composed body and soul. This will be very vital when it comes to delivering a child. At the time of childbirth it is important to have a calm mind. Yoga Nidra which is considered to be the yogic sleep is the best practice a mother can do for deep relaxation. This asana is very helpful for mothers who are about to deliver. Most of the western countries are practicing this procedure for childbirth preparation.