Pregnancy Upper Back Pain

Introduction to Pregnancy Upper Back Pain

Back pain is something that is a very common pain and a vast majority of pregnant women have to deal with it. The pain is experienced due to the changes that occur in the body. Sometimes it is really tough to know the real reason behind the pain and to get the best way to deal with the same. Lower back pain is more common than the upper back pain. Upper back pain normally occurs in the third trimester during which the body has undergone a lot of extreme changes and it is the time for preparation of childbirth. Pregnancy back pain is a normal phenomenon that happens in the woman’s life during this period. Most of the women who are expecting have some degree of back pain in the early months of pregnancy and it generally subsides easily but some women suffer from the pain in the last few weeks and it goes after the child birth. Pregnancy back pain can be due to many reasons, in some cases urinary infection can result in back pain or may be some cases where the extra weight of a pregnant women’s body also results in the back pain.  

Upper Back Pain During Pregnancy

Upper back pain during pregnancy is a common pain and normally occurs when the time for child birth is nears. At this time the body of the pregnant woman undergoes a lot of changes and thus it makes the preparation for the childbirth. It occurs late in the pregnancy due to the expansion of uterus to its maximum size.  It also places some kind of pressure on the right side of the ribs of the pregnant woman. The uterus is stretched outwards and the pregnant woman will find difficulty in breathing as it has put a lot of pressure on diaphragm. Due to upper back pain in pregnancy you may also experience pain in the shoulders. These pains may be very sharp and also accompanies itself with heartburn and stomach pain.  

Many pregnant women experience that their breasts are enlarged during pregnancy and this extra weight pull the shoulder down which in turn creates a strain in the neck. In addition to this, your body during pregnancy undergoes a lot of hormonal changes as it prepares itself for the delivery of the baby; therefore the muscles and ligaments gets relaxed and your ribcage also expands. You tend to feel that you are falling short of breath but in actual you are taking in 40% more oxygen then you did before you were pregnant.   

Ease your Upper Back Pain in Pregnancy

There are lot of ways which will help you to ease your upper back pain in pregnancy. You can buy a better and a supportive bra that will give a good nursing to your breasts and also good support. As it is likely that the expansion of the breasts cause some strain in your neck and upper back therefore try to wear loose & comfortable clothes so that it gives enough air to your body and you can move freely.  

While experiencing upper back pain in pregnancy, you can ease it off by the practice of some stretches. You need to start by holding your arms over your head in the way that you take away pressure from your ribs. Then next you can do chest stretches as they are very good especially for the shoulders. You can do this by rotating your arms and shoulder up and back and by lifting your ribs away from uterus. 

Another way to ease up the upper back pain in pregnancy is to do parental yoga and by focussing on stretches that pulls away your ribs from uterus. Also a visit to massage therapist may be beneficial.

Upper back pain is a common reality for all the pregnant women and if you have a good practice over the correct stretches and postures, you will definitely feel better and it will also ease your upper back pain making your last few months of pregnancy go smooth.