Pregnancy Diet: 5 Foods To Eat And 5 Foods To Avoid While Pregnant

Pregnancy is a crucial stage and must be dealt with extreme attention and utmost care. One can be fit and healthy during her pregnancy by adopting the appropriate eating habits. One should add healthy food in her diet chart and must exclude problem creating food items.

5 Foods To Eat during Pregnancy

Eggs: One egg carries about only 90 calories and is very rich in minerals, vitamins and various proteins. Baby cells are made of proteins and having eggs will give it support in the growth and development. A pregnant woman must eat 1-2 eggs every day. They also support in the formation of brain and its strength.

Whole Grains: Pop corns and other whole grains are very good for pregnant women because they give high fiber, photo nutrients, selenium, and many other useful vitamins. They are easy to cook and must be include in the diet meals.

Green Vegetables: Green Vegetables are very good for health during overall pregnancy. They help to get good eye sight and brain health improvements. Some examples can be Swiss chard, spinach, kale etc. These vegetable are very rich in nutrients and vitamins like A, C and K.

Colorful Fruits: Pregnant woman must have multi colored fruit items in their meal. It ensure the intake of several nutrients to her and keep her healthy. She must eat enough of red, yellow, orange, green, and purple fruits to ensure the proper health measures.

Use of Fluids: Pregnant women must include a lot of fluid items in her diet. She can make full week chart to cover plenty of them like water, fresh juice, pulps, nectars, shakes etc. It helps in generating and balancing the required levels of various acids.

5 Foods to Avoid while Pregnant

Feta Cheese: It is the popular form of cheese that usually households prepare in every day meals. They are main source of food borne illness like Listeriosis and if one takes it during pregnancy it can create serious complexions and health issues for mother and child both. Hence it should be avoided during pregnancy.

Fish: There are certain fishes which if taken during pregnancy can cause harm to the baby. They include raw fish, undercooked fishes and shell fish. Fishes carrying high mercury elements should be avoided.

Caffeine: Excess caffeine must be avoided by pregnant ladies. It can create serious problems like disturbing heart rate of the baby. Caffeine is generally consumed in the form of tea, coffee and pop. During pregnancy women are always advised to lower its intake in the body.

Delly Meats: Many delly meat items like stuffing items for sandwiches must be avoided as it creates infections and viruses in the body causing harm to mother and child. It should also be avoided in pregnancy as it secretes harmful acids and liquids.

Heat Inducing Food Items: Pregnant women must avoid foods create heat in the body. These items include various spices, hot dogs, certain meats and many others. If one takes them during pregnancy it can create problems like miscarriage and other pre delivery complexities.