Pregnancy Awareness Week 2016

Pregnancy gives so much joy and happiness in woman’s life. It brings many positive changes in woman’s life but along with the positive changes some difficult ones also creates some problems like a physical discomfort and a ride on the emotional rollercoaster.  With prior knowledge about pregnancy, women can handle the pregnancy problems in a better way.

Every woman should know that pregnancy is the time of happiness so it is really necessary that pregnant lady should equip herself with sound knowledge and also focus on enjoying this period as much as she can. 

In the pregnancy awareness week doctors and trained medical practitioners talk and tell women about how to keep their stress level low at this time. There are few things or tips so that you can do so.

Check Yourself Getting Pregnant

Before making decision of getting pregnant you have to keep few things in mind. You have to see that whether you are in the condition to get pregnant. Check your physical health. See about your HIV status. There are many diseases that are also a concern for a pregnant lady such as toxoplasmosis, German measles, and syphilis which are needed to be tested before only. It is also important to have haemoglobin test before only as some women feel difficulties during pregnancy.

Give Nourishment to Your Body

Now when you are pregnant or going to be pregnant it becomes important to nourish your body with the important nutrients needed. You should make a healthy eating plan that should include lots of fruits, vegetables, proteins, whole grains and lots of water. Even with this healthy food you are needed to take supplements. Folic acids and iron supplements are advised in the normal conditions. Take advice by your doctor. 

Take Care in Time of Pregnancy

This is the time when one more life is inside a women so stop taking alcohol or smoking. Even do not take hard painkillers it also affects baby growth. Just take those medicines that are necessary for you and for your child during nine months.

Check What you Eat in Pregnancy

Do not eat reared or cured meat, soft cheese or smoked fish they can give you and your baby some harmful bacterial infections.

Exercises in Pregnancy

Mild exercise like water aerobics, some gentle forms of yoga, walking, swimming are good for pregnancy. In order to prevent prolapse and incontinence, pelvic floor exercises before and after delivery are really helpful.

Be Happy in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most precious time period of the women so try to be happy.  It is good for both for you and for your baby.