Pregnancy After Miscarriage

Introduction to Pregnancy After Miscarriage

Pregnancy after miscarriage is a hard decision that a couple needs to take. It is not very easy to overcome the sorrow and the grief of miscarriage and in the mean time trying hard to conceive again. At time it seems almost impossible and undesirable for some of the couples while for others it becomes a very important task. You really need to think and discuss before you take any action and take a comfortable time to decide. 

The thought of getting pregnant after a miscarriage itself is very terrifying. Some women accept the fact very easily and can try again but some cannot do so and get into an isolated sphere. The decision making power in each individual women is different but prior to this you need to learn a few thing before trying for pregnancy after miscarriage. 

There is a query that each woman ask after such a huge and heavy loss that how did this happen to her? There is never a direct answer to such question. Miscarriages can occur to anyone and at any stage of pregnancy. Miscarriage at the early stage means that there is a development problem in the fetus and other issues could be some kind of medical problem with the mother or some kind of infection. 

For some women, it is easy to get pregnant after miscarriage while some cannot; therefore, it is indeed necessary to get strong and be careful when you are pregnant again after miscarriage and consider some important factors. 

Pregnancy After Miscarriage Risk

Pregnancy after miscarriage is not easy and it depends on a lot of factors. While it may take some time for the women to get healed in both ways, - physically as well as mentally after the miscarriage, the time factor is the major important one and the others such as your age, family problems, relationship state and financial condition also play key roles. Beside these your health is also important for which you need to take help from your physician so that it can be decided whether or not you will be able to conceive. Furthermore your doctor may also help and recommend some books and some other sources that may help you to take your decisions. 

You need to discuss and have a brief talk with your partner about your feeling and that you wish to conceive again. Keep in mind that previous experience of miscarriage has left some deep emotional gaps such as depression, anger, frustration, anxiety, sadness and blame. Therefore you should have enough communication between you and your partner so that you could deal well with these emotional differences. It may also happen that these feelings may increase after the miscarriage and the couple may think of it as a huge risk for trying again for pregnancy. 

Another important factor that needs to be considered with time and health to get pregnant after miscarriage is the physical factor. The miscarriage that has taken place may affect your physicality therefore you should consider your doctor who would help you in making decision. You also have to maintain your health by following a proper diet as the doctor instructs. In addition to this, you need to avoid the negative lifestyle factors such as drinking and smoking. You also need a good support from your spouse and doctor in order to cope with the grief properly, especially when you have the issue of fertility. It would be very helpful for you if you consider a genetic counsellor and come out from your fears and concerns. You also need to keep the communication channel open so that you get all the support you need while trying for pregnancy after miscarriage.