Pregnancy after Abortion

Pregnancy after abortion is not impossible but difficult definitely. Number of women who have terminated their pregnancy through abortion find themselves overwhelmed with guilt and also a though that ponders them that whether they will be able to become pregnant again or not. Pregnancy that takes place as the outcome of the desire to replace or fulfil the child lost or we can sum up it as Pregnancy after abortion should be treated as a crisis pregnancy. Thus it will need more support, care and love then normal pregnancy otherwise repeated abortion may take place. 

Though the after effects of abortion are profound and in spite of it being told so many times yet the society has not began to realize fully the damage an abortion can cause to the women. In the married life if an abortion takes place it not only disrupts the dynamics of a family but also it makes that family from happy to gloomy. 

Pregnancy after Abortion

Abortion is considered to be illegal in most of the countries even if it is not then a women should not undergo through it just because she is not ready to take this responsibility or she does not want a baby as she is not prepared. While getting an abortion the women should think twice about it. It would be advised to you that you should review your decision as many times as you can till you completely convinced that letting go of your unborn baby will be the right thing to do. As while you are into such consideration and thinking just give some part of it for your body that whether you will be able to take the side effects of abortion physically more than that of mentally. Because once the damage is done at any cost it won’t be remade. There are lot of women who consider immediate pregnancy after abortion. Thus it will be recommended to think twice before you take such harsh decision for yourself. 

Some people say that pregnancy after abortion is possible in few weeks only. Though it is true but the impact of the same on the mother to be as well as on the unborn child in her womb will not be guaranteed to be in favour of the two as no one can be sure of the impact of pregnancy after abortion. As a mother you might not be able to carry the baby again as your health won’t permit such thing to happen in a few weeks. It is very important for a woman who have undergone through abortion to know that the recovery of the health of her body will take some time and it is important for her to give the same. Just being out of guilt or desire you should allow yourself to go for another mistake as you have already done one by having abortion.

After the abortion you return to your normal cycle in two weeks that mean your body is ready to ovulate again which might lead to pregnancy if the egg is fertilized by the sperm during copulation. Thus it means that in two weeks you can definitely get pregnant but it is not recommended by the medical practitioners, doctor and specialist as according to them your body need few months to recover completely. In the process of abortion you tend to lose lot of blood and hormones thus to make these hormones to return to natural level it will at least take 6 months. Therefore you need to wait for these months to conceive again. 

The time during which your body will recover in that time you can prepare yourself to get pregnant. You need to change your lifestyle, your food habit and your diet. You should take in more healthy food and avoid all kind of fat food. Also more nutrients will be required in to body for that you need to take in lots of water during the day. Make sure that you stay away from alcohol and smoking and above all need to do some physical exercise which is very necessary for the good health of your body.

It is always suggested and recommended to you to consult a doctor when you decide to get pregnant again after the abortion so that your pregnancy after abortion will not have any kind of risk and complications. It will be a successful and healthy pregnancy.