Pregnancy After 40

Introduction to Pregnancy After 40

Pregnancy after 40 is quiet daunting and at times very discouraging feat for almost every woman. By any chance you have delayed the baby plan for some reasons like career, relationship problem or simply because you were not ready for such a big responsibility, then there are full chances that at this moment the possibility of having a baby is very low. It may also happen that after the age of 45 doctors may say that it is impossible for you to conceive. On the contrary to this, still there are lots of women who get pregnant after 40 very easily. Some use the fertility program but not all. A lot of notions   surround the idea of getting pregnant after 40 and they are:

  • You need to use a Caesarean method during the time of delivery.

  • You might have difficulty in conceiving as your body is less fertile.

  • You may suffer miscarriage or premature delivery.

  • The child born may have some kind of abnormality.

These notions though may not be accepted completely, cannot be denied as well. There are huge risks if you think of pregnancy after 40 and these risks are prone to occur in the older women. No one can deny the fact that there is possibility for a woman of age 40 to conceive and give birth to a healthy child. A research study says that the recent changes in the lifestyle have created a positive impact in their life thus boosting their confidence in getting pregnant after 40. The number has increased to 40% and the concern or worry has reduced a lot. 

Pregnancy After 40 Risks

There are many advantages and disadvantages of having a baby after 40.  Pregnancy after 40 brings in a lot benefits along with some problems. The best benefit of delaying the pregnancy is that you have enough time to grow yourself and see the world as well as you can secure yourself financially. You can get a comfortable professional career and personal life. It would give you and your spouse enough time for knowing each other in all the conditions thus constructing a strong foundation base before raising the family. 

Beside these benefits, there are some disadvantages too in delaying the pregnancy for the age 40. The first and foremost is that usually when you delay your pregnancy, it becomes more difficult for you to get pregnant. This happens because earlier the women used to experience the symptoms of menopause in this age, that is, the quantity of their eggs starts decreasing and the eggs that are produced have some chromosomal problems that increase their chance of miscarriages. 

Some experts have discovered that pregnancy after 40 is a bit impossible as women over 40 is generally diagnosed for infertility and only 25% chances are there for women after 40 to get pregnant with their own eggs. The percentage decreases with the increase of age. For the women who get pregnant after 40, the miscarriage rate increases to 44% than the normal rate of woman getting pregnant at the right age. 

Pregnancy after 40 gives mixed reactions even in the women itself. Some feel relieved that finally they are pregnant after so much of frustration but some get terrified even at the thought of it as it was an unplanned incident. Whatever may be, it is the most unique and beautiful phase of life for every women and it deserves to be welcome. There may be a lot of problems that the women may face in the pregnancy after 40 but the positive attitude of one may help her in dealing with all the situations and getting a healthy baby.