Pranayama A Comprehensive Technique of Breathing

Pranayama A Comprehensive Technique of Breathing

Pranayama is a Sanskrit word and it means restraining life force. Pranayama is mainly a meditative technique particularly using breath. 

Reason of practicing Pranayama is to have good control of breath. Once you are able to control your breath then you can control your whole body and mind. This controlling power is the vital energy of your body and mind to get long lasting physical and mental strength.

Pranayama has much potential value. Practicing Pranayama is very good for physical and mental energy development of a human being. Pranayama has great value as well as a large part in Hindu mythology. It has been believed that the most famous sages of Hindu mythology had super powers, which were achieved from Pranayama. 

Today, Pranayama is being practiced all over the world to strengthen physical and mental inner energy levels.  

What are The Types of Pranayama?

There are mainly five types of Pranayama, which are being exercised as a common method of doing Pranayama practice. 

Deep Breathing Pranayama

This is very important Pranayama practice. You have to take deep breath inside and again you have to release the breath outside. You need to have good practice of doing this. You should not make any mistakes while doing this practice. 

Tribandha Pranayama

Tribandha Pranayama is an important part of Pranayama. Bandha means a tied posture. If you know how to do this posture you can easily do Pranayama in a fine tuned manner. However, it’s a crucial technique; therefore you need to have good practice on it. 

Anuloma Viloma Pranayama

Taking breath by alternate nostril is called Anuloma and then releasing breath by other part of nostril is called Viloma. When you practice this you need to be serious of taking and releasing breath from the both of your nostrils. 

Suryan Bheda Pranayama 

This is a kind of critical Pranayama technique. You have to take breath only by the right Nostril. You have to learn in detail about this then only you can do good practice of this. 

Ujjayi Pranayama 

This is a type of ocean breath. You can do this while doing Asanas. It’s a kind of deep breath while doing asanas, so, be careful with practice. You need to know it then only you can have good practice of it and you will get good result too. 

Bhramari Pranayama

This is a type of sound Pranayama. You have to sound in a rhythmic pattern to practice this Pranayama. It requires consistency and concentration too.  

Why Pranayama?

Pranayama is much essential. Pranayama has the power of healing some of the life-taking diseases too. It is now internationally recognized. Pranayama has achieved considerable landmark scientifically. The techniques of Pranayama are proven. When you lose the belief of taking medicine then do well practice of Pranayama with the help of a Guru and you will surely get the effective results. Pranayama can cure cancer too.  Baba Ramdev, an Indian Guru has declared recently that by using Pranayama most of the deadly diseases can be cured. If you are suffering from mental anxiety, Pranayama is the only answer for you.