Encouraging by Effectively Praising Your Child

Encouraging by Effectively Praising Your Child

Every child is special in his/her own way and they are deserve acknowledgement for the little success they get. It is very important to encourage your child so that he gets inspired in getting bigger goals. This every parent knows and will be glad to do. But is there anything called over praising or unnecessary encouragement. The answer is yes! Every child is gifted with a unique intellect which is used to analyze what comes to them. They perceive their surroundings in their own unique way. For this very reason parents should be careful in how they are putting things to their child. 

What is Effective Praising

When constant praising is done to a child, he gets confused as to why he is getting praised so much for nothing and the whole activity may turn out as a waste. Instead, it should make sense to child. Your child should be able to understand why he is getting the compliments. There should be a substantial work done by him so that he can relate the positive remarks to the work he has done. This will encourage him and he tries to repeat the similar work in the future expecting the same kind of praises. 

Children have a unique thinking process which is comprised of honesty, affection and direct relation to subject. Because of this they fail to understand complicated aspects of life which is not put straight forwardly.   

How Can You Do Effective Praising

The second part of the article gives you an insight of how to go ahead with praising your child with productive results. There are many positive ways of encouraging your child and yet keeping him grounded. Effective praising your child is when you have made a positive change in the child. Some children have the tendency to become over confident when you praise them. This is not the case in effective praising. Here are some of the tips for effective praising of your child. 

• It is important to put things straight to your child. One of the most important aspect of effective praising is you telling the child what you are happy with. You explain the context and the positive act your child did.  

• Eye contact is a must when you praise them. Like mentioned before children have their own intellect and thinking process. They understand things in the way they observe. Therefore it is a must to maintain eye contact when you praise them.

• There should be no if’s and but’s in your compliments. When you introduce an element of doubt in your praise the child may not get convinced.

• Spreading the word. This gives the child inspiration to make more good deeds. This works well with lots of parents and children. First you praise the child when you are alone with them and then you tell the story to everyone in front of them. This is known as the “double dose” concept. The immediate results of this concept are, the child will become more confident and bold.

• There are other affectionate methods with which you can praise the child. By a simple hug, a kiss or a smile can do wonders to the thinking of your child. 

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