Practice Yoga to Stay Fit Lifelong

Practice Yoga to Stay Fit Lifelong


It is a world that is infected with daily stress, fatigue and pollution, and now, more and more people are taking refuge to Yoga to seek that elusive relaxation that is missing in the busy lifestyle of today. It is an oasis to the modern day people, away from the everyday hassles and entropy. 

Why Practice Yoga

  • Yoga helps in relaxation of both the body and the mind. It helps in controlling the breathing process and provides meditation to the soul which clears the mind of different thoughts and feelings that clog the well-being of the soul. After a session of Yoga practice, you are left with a refreshed and rejuvenated mind and body.
  • For toning up the body muscles, staying in shape and regulating the weight, one needs to practice Yoga.
  • The principles associated with Yoga practice are the exercises of balance, and habits of diet moderation which also helps one to lead a healthier lifestyle.
  • Practice Yoga to increase the immunity power of the body. The different postures and movements related with different Yoga Asanas help in an improved blood circulation and body function. So, the risk of any major illness is cut down.
  • Yoga practice also aids in boosting the energy level by increasing the metabolism rate of the body.
  • Yoga is also immensely helpful in realizing one’s power of mind, thus leading to contentment and self-actualization. It also helps in focusing the mind to the inner being which is the source of genuine happiness.

How to Practice Yoga Daily 

Practice Yoga daily to imbibe yourself with positiveness and vitality. Here are some points put together for you that may help you to make Yoga practice a part of your daily life

  • Practice Yoga as a part of your daily routine. Actually, make it a part of your life.
  • Learn about the significance of each Yoga posture and how this can improve your health and mental faculties. Learn and execute them in your life to have a balanced mind and body.
  • Don’t be too harsh on yourself while practicing Yoga. Go slowly, but steadily. If you push yourself too hard, you will stop enjoying it and you may also hurt yourself. When you find anything difficult, ask your guide or consult a book. Carry on with your daily practice always. Your flexibility is going to improve with time.

Rules and Restrictions to Practice Yoga 

Always consult your doctor before you start your daily Yoga regime, especially if you are pregnant, or had recent surgery, or if you are suffering from any chronic medical conditions.

  • There are some restrictions for women practicing inverted Yoga postures, especially during menstruation cycles. Though not all Yoga practitioners believe it, it is always advisable to ask your guide.
  • There is no need of lots of gears for Yoga. The only basic necessity is a non-slip mat which will help you to keep your feet in proper position while you will be doing the standing postures.
  • Remember that your muscles are going to be tighter in the early morning. So, if you are going to practice Yoga in the morning, go easy at first and try the more strenuous ones after that.

Where can you do Yoga Practice 

It is always better to practice Yoga in an open, natural and calm environment. Avoid the practice of Yoga in direct sun or in cold wind as these are bad for your health. An open and spacious balcony or a shaded place on your terrace will be just nice to practice Yoga. 

Can Everyone Practice Yoga

Yoga is for one and for everyone. It is the modern day mantra to stay healthy and happy. No matter what and who you are – children, adults, aged people, males and females of any age and religion can practice Yoga. Yoga spreads peace of mind and propagates a healthy body. When it comes to Yoga, everyone can take it up. 


Yoga is an elixir of life, a panacea for all diseases and mental problems. Practice Yoga to stay healthy and relax your nerves. There is no better remedy to the harmful effects of lifestyle disorders in today’s world than Yoga.