Powdered Vitamin Supplement

Powdered Vs Pill Vitamin Supplement

Multivitamin and powdered minerals are a great way to get a gamut of nutrients in high potencies without the trouble of sorting through bottles and gulping multiple pills. You can mix powdered vitamins into drinks, shakes or whatever you are comfortable with. Some have flavors and some are unflavored. Some are prepared for specific age groups or medical conditions. They all contain prominent quantity of calcium and magnesium two minerals that are deficit in most -2 per day multi-vitamins.

Nonetheless various vitamin and nutritional supplements are found in pills and powder form both but powder has multitude of benefits over pill supplements.

Benefits of Powdered Vitamin Supplement

  • Similar to liquid formulations, powder is more quickly absorbed by the body compare to a supplement in a tablet form. This is one of the causes that protein powders are better than protein pills. Although the topic is immensely debated, many body building professionals and experts consider that the best time for protein absorption is after exercise. If you ingest your protein in the form of a pill, your body may take hours to utilize the protein in the pill.

  • Apart from this, several supplements that are found in powdered form are soluble, or dissolvable, in water. Because of this individuals take their supplements in liquid form, which is preferred and at the same time simpler for several people.

  • Similar to pill supplements, the active components and enzymes in powder supplements are stable and can work for longer duration. This is not possible in liquid supplements, which occasionally lose their potency over the course of many months. As powder supplements are generally combined with liquid for ingestion anyway, this says that you get the benefits of both a liquid and a pill supplement.

One set back of powdered vitamin is that they usually come in large containers that take up a fair amount of space. Nonetheless, if this isn’t much of concern for you, powder supplements are found to be much more affordable than that of either pill or liquid supplements and you can often strike great deals on these powdered vitamins via online wholesalers.

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