Plastic Surgery Precautions

Precaution before Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is big process and just like any other operation that carries risks. So prior to deciding to undergo plastic surgery, ensure that the physician follow the guidelines of:

  • Check Board Certification: The physician should be certified by a board. It will ensure that the plastic surgeon has holds a degree from an accredited medical school and underwent at least five years of surgical residency, generally three years of general surgery and two years of plastic surgery. 
  • Ensure Safe Infrastructure:  Ensure that the clinic has proper medical personnel and necessary equipment to conduct safe surgery and manage potential complications.

Precaution after Plastic Surgery

There are certain precautions that should be observed for a safe and effective plastic surgery which may include:

  • You should wear compression clothing in order to allow to the body develop a shapely and fit appearance.
  • After the surgery, you need to abstain from stretching the body by keeping it free from physical strains. Moreover it will allow the body some rest which is much needed as part of post-liposuction requirements.
  • You have to limit your food intake and eat only the right kind and amount of foods.

Recovery after Plastic Surgery

By observing under mentioned guidelines it would be easier for you to recover from this surgery faster and safely:  

  • Schedule your operation on a Friday, if you are working, to get an extra weekend of recovery before going back to your job.
  • You can have your blood drawn at a hospital or lab before surgery which may save your 30 minutes to two hours.
  • Place crushed ice in a plastic bag, covered with a small towel, and freshened regularly. You can also keep frozen reusable peas and maintain the right temperature. To lift your head a dependable backrest will work well.
  • You should also make arrangement for transportation to drive back home on the day of surgery.
  • You can take help of a friend or family member to stay with you on your first night at home post surgery. This person would change your ice packs, prepare your food, take care of you through the night and call your doctor in case of urgency.
  • Bring prescribed antibiotics and pain drugs prior to the day of surgery. You may also get the prescriptions from your doctor’s clinic prior to the surgery.