Planning for Pregnancy

Introduction to Planning for Pregnancy

When you are preparing yourself for a baby it involves a great deal of planning and knowledge. It is not only about having enough money or a stable relationship or an emotional maturity to handle parenthood. It is definitely more than this. Your body and soul both need a proper planning for the pregnancy. You should be strong in both ways mentally as well as physically so that you can provide a best possible home to your baby in the nine months of pregnancy. 

The first thing you need to establish is your health that will include the chronic conditions too as they will be the first to affect your pregnancy. You need to have a perfect medication or supplements that will determine your safety during pregnancy. 

While deciding for the pregnancy you need to consider some of factors that may cause some complication at the end. One such factor is your age. It is an important consideration. After the age of 35 the risk for miscarriage is very high and some birth defect chances to are there to occur. It is important to consider and understand such risk while planning for pregnancy. 

So when you finally decide and stop using the birth control then you should plan up things so that you get a safe and healthy pregnancy. Before you attempt for pregnancy you need to go through and spend some time over the pregnancy symptoms that comes week after week so that you know which signs indicate that you are pregnant. Once your body is ready both physical and mental condition are perfect then you are ready to conceive. 

Ways of Planning for Pregnancy

While planning for pregnancy there are certain ways that you may take under your consideration as it may help you

A birth of a baby is a miracle therefore there are lots of factors that you need to know so that the planning is done perfectly. When you are trying to get pregnant you need to understand the male and the female reproductive system and the cycle need to be considered. Both the cycles are independent and they need to be matched together in order to get pregnant.

The reproduction cycle of a female lasts for 28 days and the most fertile days of her is when she is in the middle of the cycle that is the 14th day which is the best time to try for a baby. The period when she is most fertile is known as ovulation and it may occur in 9th or 10th day or also in 20th or 21st day. The male reproductive system is very difficult to map and is not yet mapped. It has found out that the duration of the cycle differs in each man the only thing needs to be considered is the sperm count & quantity. 

Some other ways you need to consider are 

  • You and your partner need to have a proper and best knowledge about the same in order to create the best decisions in planning pregnancy

  • You need to visit a medical professional so that your health is examined and it will be clear whether you are ready or not physically to conceive.

  • If you have any kind of health problem you need to remove it immediately with the help of a health care provider so that no complication occurs in the future.

  • You can read  books related to pregnancy to have a better gasp about the time plan from conception to birth

  • Some specific life style habit such as smoking, drinking or excessive or physical and mental stress should be get rid off as these are considered to be harmful activities and they may result in some kind of abnormalities during birth.

  • A strict healthy diet plan should be followed which should include nutritious food and lots of water.

  • You need to get rid of stressful obligations so that no health complications get a chance to occur.

  • There will be a swift of mood during your pregnancy and that should be well known by your partner so that no mental stress is taken by either of you as your husband really need to understand these situations that you are going through.

  • You also need to check your finances before planning as it will be required during and after pregnancy.

Before your little one arrives, set yourself in a perfect shape and relax, so that you can enjoy every moment of motherhood.