Uranus in the Houses

Uranus plays a significant role as the provocateur. The influence of Uranus on a generation is divulged through creativeness, break-through, flexibility in perception, etc.

The influence of Uranus will set you free when you have become too rigid or structured. Uranus can remind you of what you like, not what you are expected to think you want.

Uranus governs Aquarius and those having a comprehensive influence in their chart are born to bring revolution. As the "Divine Awakener," perhaps Uranus' influences are part of the cosmic orchestration crafted with a future vision in mind.

Uranus in Houses

Uranus in the First House

Uranus in the first house changes the way an individual manifests personal inputs onto others. You take pride in projecting your unique perspective. You display an altruistic desire to change the world! Your passions shoot fast and you lose interest at the same intensity.

Uranus in the Second House

You may look for money and cars as a means to an end. You love quirky lifestyle. The possessions you aspire will be ones that enable you to lead the "free" lifestyle you wish. You may prefer to keep money in the bank as it can purchase you the liberty you long for.

Uranus in the Third House

You act and liaise with people around you in an unconventional and zany way. You very often make people happy with your wit and good-humor. Your eccentricity may confuse and often sometimes annoy some. You win them with open mind, your humility, and sincerity. Creativity in interaction and in all that you do gives you an edge over others.

Uranus in the Fourth House

Uranus in the fourth house may change your frosting style prominently. You find unconventional ways to manifest your desires in this domain that sets you apart from most. Your independent concept might make you wish to run away from fostering when it's offered to you. As a fosterer, you can be loving and caring.

Uranus in the Fifth House

You take immense pleasure in doing things by going out of the box. You are creative by nature and accept changes easily. Your love relationships will always be unconventional. You will find life zestful and find challenges in all you do.

Uranus in the Sixth House

You enjoy science and technology related work. Your freedom loving concept propels you to find out work that enables you the personal freedom. A typical eight-to-five job will be a turn off for you. Natural innovativeness and a desire to do mundane things going out of the way and more effectively are your strength.

Uranus in the Seventh House

You may shy away from committing and see relationships as a total turn off. The whole concept of relationships may be alien to your nature. In your partner you may seek a certain aloofness or personal freedom to feel secure.

Uranus in the Eighth House

"Change is good," is your life motto. Reinventing yourself often is what you believe in. Life would be boring without a change for you. The style of alteration that you prefer can be destructive to others. Your natural impatience with status quo enables you to move fast leaving the staid behind.

Uranus in the Ninth House

You are comfortable with new ideas and thoughts that oppose the conventional ideas. Playing around with fresh ideas is your passion. Conservative people turn you off and you might find their ways confined. Your nature opposes accepting the confinements of the world.

Uranus in the Tenth House

You are extremely independent and don’t want to be recognized by specific thing that you do. You are creative and competent. Hierarchies and politics at work will be your greatest turn off. Social status is of no concern for you.

Uranus in the Eleventh House

Your freedom doesn't enable you to ascertain too closely with any group or social circle. You believe in idealistic goals and ambitions. Your personal charm and wit will fascinate many. People will like your honesty and generosity. You pride yourself a loner.

Uranus in the Twelfth House

You will display a burning need for freedom and a deep desire to change the world you live in. You might simply select to quietly give young entrepreneurs breaks if you can. You love personal freedom and try to make the world a finer place for everyone. A career in the sciences or technology is ideal for you.