Pluto in the Houses

Pluto is the doorway through which flexible compressed pockets of self and spiritual energy lies hidden, which are used either by our own efforts or by stimulation from the outside world.

Pluto also rules power itself encompassing struggles between people and states for domination, and of course, personal gains and strengths. You still might be brought to surrender but while there, you'll ensure that Pluto's dark and punishing aspect is that of a tough, but encouraging teacher, heading you toward a more real and virtual experience of yourself.

Pluto in 1st House 

You project intensity, and your first impressions on others tend to be strong. You often dominate others with your mannerism. You are excessively protective of your privacy. You might strive with fears of being overpowered and rejected. Try to avoid viewing life as a battlefield.

Pluto in 2nd House

When it comes to developing your circle and resources your instincts are strong. You might need to have control over your money and possessions. You may witness some type of loss in your life in terms of learning lessons of change, and that strength, power and wealth that comes from within. You are great at manoeuvre and planning in terms of finances. 

Pluto in 3rd House

You seldom accept what you hear or what you know as truth. Your mind is quite evaluative and you instinctively read between the lines. You can be extremely persuasive in projecting yourself, whether via the spoken or written plan, simply as you interact with authority, conviction, power, and decisiveness. You learn through observation rather than by queries.

Pluto in 4th House

Early experiences in your life may result in feeling self-protective about yourself. A parent might have insisted you to see beyond the surface of matters, and might have developed in you love for psychology. You might have grasped the strong fears or obsessions of a parent.

Pluto in 5th House

You manifest strong creative impulses, and you might spend much energy and passion into the creative arts and romance. You take pride in whatever you produce. Romance for you has to be passionate and deeply touched--nothing superficial or light attracts you. You possess "all or nothing" attitude in romance.

Pluto in 6th House

You are enterprising and can be protective or private in terms of your work output. You are talented at analysis. Work becomes an obsession for you, and you work tirelessly. You possess a deep interest in domains of health and self-improvement. Some of you may be excellent researchers in these areas. 

Pluto in 7th House 

You might fear and desire entire absorption in a close one-to-one relationship. You are driven towards people who are jealous, possessive, or possibly who you feel are strong.  You discover your own strength via your relationships, and often feel confined in a tough relationship. You must strive to come to terms with your own deep-rooted fear of losing someone you love and fear of betrayal. 

Pluto in 8th House 

By nature you are a psychologist and expert at cutting through appearances and getting into the soul of matters. You are both mesmerized with and fearful of deep intimacy. Some of you might involve in power plays with money, specifically with a partner. You are quite talented in the healing trades, particularly helping others deal with trouble and trauma. 

Pluto in 9th House

You are immensely attached to your opinions and beliefs. You are persuasive and possess probing and incisive brain. Your opinions are powerful and well-researched. You are likely to make captivating, and encouraging teacher, speaker, or lecturer. 

Pluto in 10th House

You have a strong intuition of fortune and may be ruthlessly, ambitious. You pursue your career or other important aspect of life in a very driven, intense ways. With Pluto in your 10th House acquiring a sense of power can certainly be among your ambitions. But prior to reaching the levels of success, you may have to simmer down buried resentments or shame which you might have undergone in your past. 

Pluto in 11th House

You don’t appreciate groups, associations, syndicates, and clubs of any kind. Circumstances may impel you to change. The extent of your efforts is based on you and the choices you make for yourself in every sphere of your life. 

Pluto in 12th House 

You have a great interest in secrets, the underworld and anything not visible and mysterious. Death has played a crucial role in creating doubt about your abilities. Spend private time to evaluate your present knowledge and skills, and you may discover that confidence replaces doubt. You require quiet moments to generate your power.