Neptune in the Houses

Neptune in the First House

You are extremely sensitive to your ambience. Your appearance and mannerisms are chameleon-like. You are a peaceful person. You can be moody and you may not feel a sense of combat and identity with your own impressionability. You have a great imagination and an easygoing manner.

Neptune in the Second House

You might amass money via artistic pursuits, but must avoid putting too much trust in ideas that don't have sufficient grounding in reality. You daydream a lot about getting rich. You should have faith in your own self-worth.

Neptune in the Third House

You are talented at visualization. You are dreamy and perceptive, although you often keep your head in the clouds and might be ignorant about important details. Following schedules can not be easy for you. You project yourself with great creatively, ideologically and immense charm.

Neptune in the Fourth House

Your childhood was probably complex specially sensitive, preoccupied, or confusing parental figure. You might crave for a stronger sense of home, family, or nurturing in your life which may lead you to create an extended family. You might get isolated from others or avoid liabilities as they overwhelm you. You strive to see family clearly.

Neptune in the Fifth House

You are dramatic, imaginative and creative person inspired by art and express yourself in a fantastic or dramatic manner. Your love life encompasses a lot of fantasy, and often your deep desire for drama can result in seeing things that you want to see. Striking a balance will be crucial -- retain your ideals, but don’t expect far too much from ordinary people.

Neptune in the Sixth House

Under this condition you may adopt a personal philosophy that life means much more than simply following routines, creating lists, and organizing bills to pay. You want to help others, but if you don't visualize the boundaries, you could feel exhausted. You might develop health troubles that are hard to diagnose. Some of you might be particularly compassionate with animals and pets.

Neptune in the Seventh House

You are dedicated to offer more to a partnership (including marriage) than you want to take. The strong psychic link with a partner is so consolidate that your perceptions in partnership are not proper. You tend to idealize a partner. You need to generate discipline and discrimination in terms of setting limits, choosing partners, and maintaining a clear communication in a relationship. You are a creative negotiator and very bright at projecting the good in another person, specifically a partner, if that person is ready to accept your efforts and is willing to grow.

Neptune in the Eighth House

There is a spiritual craving with this position. You might be a giver in bed, and probably often feel that you give more than you get or vice versa. Either way, there is an imbalance that may leave you craving. Your shared money may be chaotic in some way. Over the years, you will learn to take more liability for your finances and learn to take ownership of what is rightfully yours. You are a bit unprofessional with accounting. You are awfully creative sexually, and you accept and long for a wide range of styles and preferences on a sexual ground.

Neptune in the Ninth House

You believe in the susceptibility of anything. This faith can create positive circumstances, but often lead to wastefulness and lethargy. Your spiritual beliefs are well-grown. There might be some chaos when it comes to acquiring higher education. You could be talented at promotion and marketing, in addition to generating creative methods of persuasion. You can also be compassionate and a great teacher. Endeavor to keep your long term plans and goals virtual, while maintaining your ideals.

Neptune in the Tenth House

You have strong intuition in terms of assessing current trends, business, public’s taste, and you are very creative. This position is great for a career in arts, media, and involving charity work. Some of you might panic taking liability for your lives or for others' lives. You may not always get appreciation, which can also stem from a problem with assigning yourself values. Others may take the credit for your work. You often may not project yourself properly and you should be alert about your reputation.

Neptune in the Eleventh House

You display very humanitarian and idealistic visions. You may find it challenging to draw lines when it comes to how much you give up sustaining peace in friendships. You might feel unsatisfied as you reach a goal and wishing something more. You might also crave for a feeling of true camaraderie and spiritual relation with friends or through group associations, but your ideals may be unrealistic, which will let you feel dissatisfied or down.

Neptune in the Twelfth House

You display exceptional intuition and you are a person of tremendous inner strength and faith. You are exceptionally sensitive and you may feel very incline towards normal changes in life, suspecting that you may not be able to handle them. You must learn to believe in yourself or you might develop escapist behavior and avoid troubles when they do unearth.