Mars in the Houses

Mars Astrology in Signs

Mars in Aries

Mars in Aries people begin with new ideas, spearheading action, and fresh assignments. Relationships with them are thrilling but keeping up with them can be challenging. They get easily irritated.

Mars in Taurus

Mars in Taurus people abound in strength and stability. Most define long-term goals and the determination to hit them. They are not the type of people to take on too many projects at once.

Mars in Gemini

In addition to having passion for words they get angry quickly. They rely on their strong wit to win arguments. They are talkative and often boring on verbal grounds.

Mars in Cancer

These people don’t accept change and ward off direct confrontations. They are manipulative but prefer to handle situations with peace.

Mars in Leo

Mars in Leo inpidual have well-crafted goals and with authority and power that their personal magnetism endows them, they acquire the potential to get what they want. They are ruled by their heart.

Mars in Virgo

Mars in Virgo people are protective about their maneuver and get energy and life force from their action —their work and any kind of projects they undertake.

Mars in Libra

These people have a habit of defending themselves and others. Nevertheless, their overall goal is to live with harmony, they stimulate others up with their desire to balance everything.

Mars in Scorpio

Mars in Scorpio peoples often challenge themselves to strive for impossible. These people create formidable opponents. They make all type of rules and aims just for the personal happiness that comes from achieving or mastering them.

Mars in Sagittarius

These people get irritated and basically have a number of projects running side by side. They are playful and fun-loving.

Mars in Capricorn

Mars in Capricorn inpiduals want to be on top of things. They are goal-oriented and focused people. They work towards virtual and attainable goals.

Mars in Aquarius

These peoples are quite proud of their liberty. They cannot be fooled easily. Mars in Air signs are clever at getting what they want.

Mars in Pisces

These people don’t find any harm in playing games to get what they want. Their desires are flexible and moody, and it's hard to know where these people stand on any particular issue.

Mars Astrology in House

Mars in the 1st House

You are an active, energetic, dynamic and hard working person. Some of you might instigate trouble when you are bored.

Mars in the 2nd House

You are hard worker, although you appreciate the method and might be slower as you focus on the technique and tend to take each step carefully.

Mars in the 3rd House

You speak out easily, sometimes shooting from the hip in terms of expressing yourself. You have a great knowledge about variety of subjects. You are straightforward and clear when it comes to liaise.

Mars in the 4th House

You are protective of your near and dear ones. Your actions are ruled by your instincts, and you are straightforward.

Mars in the 5th House

You have a great urge for pleasure and you love to directly pursue romance. You are sports lover, and anything risky appeals to you.

Mars in the 6th House

You are enterprising often to the point of exhaustion! You put a lot of effort into your work. You can quickly get impatient if other members of a team are not working at par with you.

Mars in the 7th House

You have terrible sexual energy which keeps you going. You need a challenging partner, someone who holds his/her own in an argument.

Mars in the 8th House

You have strong desires, and once you decide to possess something, you succeed in achieving so. You often feel lack of love and money to encourage you to be less touchy in these areas of your life.

Mars in the 9th House

You are open-minded and love challenges. Avoid a habit to become self-righteous and to reject the opinions of others. You are sexually energetic and experimental.

Mars in the 10th House

Such people are born to succeed. Success comes to them easily and from quite a young age. They need appraisal and approval.

Mars in the 11th House

You have only a few dear friends, as you are too busy expanding your circle to nurture several permanent relationships. You find that support is essential to extend your ambitions. Cooperation is your key factor for success and is important in your life-pattern of expansion.

Mars in the 12th House

You feel down before you begin. You give up easily and you are convinced that any effort to win would be of no use.

Mars Astrology in Elements

Mars in Fire

People with Mars in Fire are often passionate. They like to get what they want, and don't hide this fact. These people are far too impatient to play games or to employ too much maneuvers to get where they want to go.

Mars in Earth

These people are rarely aggressive. They are determined people. Their goals in life are often quite achievable as they are realistic.

Mars in Air

Such people generally have multiple interests and drives. They are especially clever about getting what they want. They prefer to settle things on an intellectual level.

Mars in Water

These people are generally adept at strategy. They are sensitive and instinctual inpiduals.