Jupiter in the Houses - Astrology

Jupiter in Aries

You believe in positive energy. You love competition, doing things single handedly, value instant results. You attract the good fortune when you take the lead, initiate, inspire, and display enthusiasm and courage.

Jupiter in Taurus

Taurus people in Jupiter delight in materialistic pleasure and want good life. Draw the best fortune when you are charitable but discriminating, and patient.

Jupiter in Gemini

When you use your wit and ingeniousness, you become versatile, sociable and put others at comfortable situation with your friendliness. You value the intellect and view opportunities to develop and succeed through verbal and written channels.

Jupiter in Cancer

You attract the best fortune when you are sympathetic and charitable and use powers to accumulate and comfort others. You value culture and work towards security.

Jupiter in Leo

You express magnanimity. You are generous with others, inspire confidence in those around you conduct yourself with elegance and sincerity which bring success.

Jupiter in Virgo

You are helpful, honest, organized and pay attention to details. Practical and technical knowledge are most importance for you.

Jupiter in Libra

You are fair-minded, treat others with equality. You value people and relationships, and might become best in partnership. You use charm and grace to hit the goals.

Jupiter in Scorpio

You put “all” into a project and use magnetic strength to heal others. You value decisiveness, enthusiasm, willpower, dedication and strength.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

You are open-handed, generous, tolerant, and practice what you preach. You may be inspirational, and get success in education, teaching, publishing, travel, and foreign cultures. You have strong morals.

Jupiter in Capricorn

You are organized, direct, conduct yourself with integrity. You value the long term, achievement, and responsibilities. You succeed through resourcefulness and skipping activities that waste time, resources and energy.

Jupiter in Aquarius

You are tolerant, fair, inventive, unbiased, and cooperative. You value people and personal freedom most. You are open to new methods and development. You have great tolerance and humanitarianism.

Jupiter in Pisces

You are charitable, devoted, tender, and merciful, look out for the underdog, and you are giving also. You value compassion and honesty and motivated by a universal envision. You believe in peaceful personal theory and faith in the goodness of life brings rewards for you.

Jupiter Astrology in the Houses

Jupiter in the First House

You display a jovial, generous, altruistic manner to the people around you. You believe in the concept of positive thinking, principles and strong morals.

Jupiter in the Second House

You are highly resourceful. You take great delight in comfort and the world of the five senses. A strong self-image often contributes to your success.

Jupiter in the Third House

You are forward-looking real planner. You are curious and love making happy connections with others. Interacting with others is important to you. You are interested in others, and you put people at ease in social surroundings.

Jupiter in the Fourth House

You strongly believe that you need to be guided by, specifically on a professional level. Your old age is expected to be rewarding. You feel that "happiness is home".

Jupiter in the Fifth House

You are generous, warm, and playful particularly with children and in your love life. Your prosperous areas are creative ones, entertainment, children, and entertainment. You’re bright at teaching, exhibiting patience and love for the learning process.

Jupiter in the Sixth House

You maintain high standards in your business dealings. You believe that one should always treat others with respect and honesty. You help those less fortunate than you. You basically take great pleasure in the work you do and in being helpful to others.

Jupiter in the Seventh House

Cultivating rewarding and close partnerships is of utmost importance to you. You are skilled at negotiations, believing strongly in honesty, and you are talented at mediating conflicts. You value people and relationships. You facilitate charm and grace to reach your goals.

Jupiter in the Eighth House

You are skillful at strategy, analysis, and investigation. You find pleasure in unraveling mysteries and solving problems.

Jupiter in the Ninth House

You have great hunger for knowledge and wisdom. You are a natural teacher, and you love the learning process. You strongly value freedom of activities and expression.

Jupiter in the Tenth House

You use a winning, kindly approach while doing any work. You naturally excel. You are ethical, tactical and resourceful. You value success and manifestation. Position and status can be quite important to you.

Jupiter in the Eleventh House

Your social life is important to you and you take great delight in connecting with your friends. You might benefit using your friends who are influential or simply helpful. You are very open to new processes and progress, and you manifest great tolerance and humanitarianism.

Jupiter in the Twelfth House

This placement of Jupiter in terms of house is believed to be the guardian angel position -- you are often saved just in the nick of time, may be by dint of your intrinsic faith in the universe. Solitude and meditation brings happiness and a sense of freshness in you. You are kind and generous, often anonymously.

Significance of Jupiter in Astrology

Day Thursday
Direction North-East (Ishan)
Colour Yellow
Orbit time in One Zodiac Sign 13 months (Aprox.)
Orbit time of whole Zodiac 12 years (Average)
Nature Knowledge, Wisdom
Constellations ruled Punarvasu, Vishakha, Poorva Bhadrpada
Friendly planets Sun, Moon, Mars
Enemy planets Mercury & Venus
Neutral planets Saturn & Rahu
Own Sign (Rashi) Sagittarius & Pisces
Mool Trikon in Sagittarius
Exalted in Cancer
Debilitated in Capricorn
Special features Knowledge
Metal Gold
Precious Stone Yellow Sapphire
Vimshottari Mahadasha period 16 years
If well placed signifies Wisdom, Education, Son, Prosperity
If adversely placed signifies Arrogance
Representation Teacher & Elder people
Body parts ruled Liver, Large intestine etc
Diseases given by Jupitor Jaundice, Inflammation, Cough, Ear problems