Pink Eye Home Remedies

Pink Eye Home Remedies

Eyes are the windows to the world which are sensitive, delicate and complex. Constant care is required to maintain the delicate eyes from all the problems which may occur due to negligence. Common eye problems you get, if you won’t treat the eyes. You may suffer eye infections, blurred vision, dryness, cataract, irritation and even blindness.

When the membrane of the eye ball which is called conjunctiva, gets inflamed along with inner side of the eyelids, conjunctivitis or pink eye causes. When conjunctivitis hits the eyes, they get irritated with redness, burning, dryness and a sticky discharge.

Causes Of Pink Eye

  • Pink eye can be caused by viral infections like respiratory infection, cold and also by some bacteria like Streptococcus, Hemophilus and staphylococcus.
  • It is even caused from allergies like dust, pollen and grass.
  • Atmosphere hazards like wind and smoke also can cause pink eye.

Pink Eye Home Remedies

  • Honey: Mix honey with warm water and place two or three drops in the area which is affected by pink eye. You may have little burning sensation, but works really well.
  • Tea: Boil the tea bag and let it cool, take the cooled tea bag and place it on the affected eye or prepare tea and once it gets cool use an eye cup to place the affected eye in it.
  • Jasmine flowers: Soak the jasmine flowers all night in the distilled water and strain in the morning. Use these strained water as eye drops for pink eye. By this method of home remedy for pink eye, you can reduce the sticky yellow discharge of the pink eye which is really gross.
  • Homeopathy: Pulsatilla, Belladonna and Euphrasia officinalis are some homeopathic home remedies for pink eye. Make the eye drops from the above mentioned ingredients and use them to control pink eye. However, consult a doctor before this.
  • Boric acid: Boric acid eye wash helps to clean and soothe pink eye from the infections caused by pink eye. It can be also used as a compress to get relief from the pain.
  • Calendula: This acts as an antiseptic for the irritation caused by pollutants and dust allergies. It is also used as compress over the eye to get relief from the pain of the pink eye.
  • Chamomoile: Boil the water with chamomile and cool it. Dip a cloth in this solution and place over the infected eye to take out the infection of pink eye.
  • Breast milk: Few drops of breast milk in the infected pink eye can help to clear the infection like a charm. This also clears the tear ducts and soothes the eyes.
  • Compress: To relieve the allergic conjunctivitis, cold water compress acts wonderfully, if it is viral or bacterial, warm water compress helps to soothe the eyes.

Prevention Of Pink Eye

  • Do not touch the eyes
  • Don’t share the napkins and towels
  • Wash your hand regularly and often
  • Do not share the eye makeup kits with anyone
  • Use a clean and neat wash cloth daily to clean the eyes