Pilates and Yoga Exercises

Is dearth of time, money, or comfort hindering your weight-loss or fitness regime? If yes, Pilates or yoga exercises can be the answer. With today's busy life, most of us may consider it tough to spare time for fitness and exercise, specifically at a costly gym. Pilates and yoga exercising equipments can save you time and money in obtaining your weight-loss and fitness targets by spending just a few minutes, a few days a week, at your comfort and within the privacy of your home. 

History of Pilates 

Pilates is a technique of exercises crafted to enhance flexibility and stamina. Joseph Pilates discovered this system of exercises during the First World War to boost the rehabilitation program of returning veterans. Considering that mental health and physical health are co-related, Joseph Pilates recommended a few particular movements focusing control and form to enable injured soldiers in reinforcing their healthy bodies. Out of this technique and effort was born "The Pilates Principles", a theory for conditioning the whole body by strengthening, stretching, and maintaining core muscles.

Difference between Pilates and Yoga Exercises

The major difference is yoga is more spiritual than corporal. Both techniques facilitate a specific set of movements that utilize the body as a whole, from the middle or "core" of the body. With yoga, the Pilates technique also teaches breath control and concentration to stimulate its stress reduction benefits, but it contains less spiritual and meditative elements involved with yoga.

Benefits of Pilates and Yoga Exercises

Often termed as mind-body exercises, Pilates and yoga exercises help in enhancing flexibility and smooth joint movement; catapulting balance, while toning, strengthening, and sculpting your body. Both of these exercise systems have a proven track record of enabling people regain their full system of motion and enhance flexibility and strength. In addition to accelerating overall health and well-being, and fused with a proper diet, Pilates and yoga exercises can accentuate and enhance your weight-loss and fitness regime.

Beneficial to All Age

Because Pilates' history begins with physical rehabilitation, there are several exercises for people suffering from different medical conditions for instance, scoliosis, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis. Pilates is not limited to physiotherapy rooms and it is present in exercise studios and centers or it can also be practiced in the privacy of your home or work place. As the low effective exercises focus on stretching and are not as physically challenging or time taking, Pilates is accepted by busy adults, particularly women, with multiple and hectic schedules. Pilates is helpful enough to appeal everyone, from someone taking initiative to get into shape to someone in their ideal physical form.

Accessories of Pilates and Yoga Interchangeable 

Luckily, practicing both or shifting from one technique to the other is not of much trouble, as nearly all the equipments and accessories are facilitated in both Pilates and yoga exercises, enabling them interchangeable; cost-effective and convenient. With the help of instructional manuals and DVDs, Pilates and yoga exercises can be practiced at your convenience.

Accessories and its Benefits

  • Yoga Balance/Fitness balls also catapult yoga, Pilates and combine exercise plans to reinforce and strengthen abs, back and hips.

  • For quick, more target oriented toning, Circles (rings) and discs offer resistance for enhancing muscle power throughout the body; particularly in problem areas like inner and outer thighs, chest, and upper arms.

  • Yoga and Pilates mats offer cushioning and pulling and are facilitated in most regimes. Nevertheless most studios have mats and you can borrow or rent to use during the class it is advisable to buy one for your own use, for both financial and hygienic purposes.

  • You can tone, strengthen and define every muscle group with resistance bands and tubes. They are convenient for all ages, and all fitness levels will witness results in just minutes every day. It is the ideal method to warm-up and cool-down, along with an excellent appeasement for arthritis sufferers. Resistance tubes and bands are so lightweight and compact that you can take it anywhere.

  • Yoga and Pilates kits are also available which are perfect way to initiate a great routine. These kits arm you with the right devices required to understand and practice your routine properly, and evaluate its powerful benefits.

Which Method is Suitable For You 

This differs from individual to individual. It is based on personal needs, desires, and preferences. If you are not seeking any spiritual workout, Pilates may be better for you. If you are seeking something more than exercise alone, yoga may be the right ticket. Regardless, both techniques can be embraced in the privacy and convenience of your home or office, cutting your cost of an expensive gym membership. Pilates and yoga exercising equipments are highly compact, lightweight, and portable thus making any room, anywhere, a great gym. 


No longer are you restricted to particular gym hours or locations; you don't need to finance great, bulky fitness tools to obtain and sustain healthy bodies. Pilates and yoga exercises offers fitness in within minutes, a few times a week, for only minimal bucks.