8 Fun Physical Activities For Toddlers

Every child must do some physical activities to become healthy and fit. This way one can spend some time with his kids and help them for the right development. Let us see some activities that child can perform.

1. Paper Puppet: Take a simple paper bag and make a puppet; demonstrate it to the toddlers so that they can try to be creative in making them. They will enjoy and have a lot of fun in doing this activity. For variation, use different colors to make them identify name of the colors.

2. Balloon Fun: Give some balloon to them and get them inflated; hang the balloon with strings at a reachable height. Motivate the kids to hit the balloons with their palms. It will create energy and motion in their bodies. They can wave with their head over balloons to have fun.

3. Tape Race: Take different types of tapes and put it in a box. Give the child some tapes and encourage her to paste it to the various objects in the pathway. She will definitely enjoy it by running in the entire place. Always keep an eye for the safety and security of the child.

4. Fun with Ribbon: You can use different colored ribbons and knot them with curtain rings. Toddlers will wave them and enjoy at the fullest. One can also ask them to go for a specific color ribbon. Play some music and enjoy watching your kid dancing on the floor. It inculcates the energy flow in the minds of the toddlers.

5. Box Train: Take some boxes and encourage the kids to make train. Connect the boxes with thread and make them run on the artificial track. You can make them to race with the trains and offer chocolates as a gift. One can put some weights in the boxes as variation so that kids have to exert some pressure to drag the train.

6. Pillow Jump: It is the favorite pass time for toddlers. Collect some small pillows and cushions of different color; ask the kid to bring any specific color object and throwing them back to the heap. They will have fun in fighting with the pillows and run in the play ground. Be careful for their safety while performing the activity.

7. Finding the Object: It is like a treasure hunt. Take any object that your kid loves very much; it could be a toy, ball etc. Then show them and hide at some secret place by distracting them. Now they will become curious about the object. Let them search here and there. At last give them the object with chocolates.

8. Cooking Drama: Gather some utensils like bowl, pan, plate, spoon etc. and pretend as if you are cooking something very delicious. Your kid will become very anxious to have the food. It will create the appetite in the kid and it will definitely eat something after the activity. It is very useful for the kids who show less inclination towards food and milk.