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About Phthiriasis

Phthiriasis is the name of a deadly disease that occurs in the skin through lice. Phthiriasis are generally three types first is the Phthirius, which is also called as Pediculus capitis, the second is the Phthir it has another word to name as Ped and corporis and the Phthir which are also called as Ped and pubis. This disease occurs in a human body because of the bite by the insect lice. Phthiriasis is also called as lousiness.

Phthiriasis is also considered as a common eyelid infestation which is rooted by the bite of pubic lice, which is sometimes referred to as crab lice. There are some Pediculus humanus capitus lice which also do bite to transfer phthiriasis to human body. The infection of the lice generally occurs beneath the skin. Lice makes infestation in the eyelid margin and that causes itching in the eyelid margin. However, these lice can be removed in an easy step like cryotherapy.

Examination of Phthiriasis

For the examination of phthiriasis in the diagnostic center one has to go through the following steps of the examination process. Visual acuity OD is to pursue the victim of phthiriasis and that should come to normal level. ‘Pupils’ a type of examination is also done and that should be normal. Motility is an examination and is to be done for the phthiriasis check up. Tonometry and slit lamp examination of the anterior segment are also important parts to be done properly. Fundus examination should come up with the normal state. Finally, eyelid examination which can reveal multiple cigar shaped foreign bodies located at the base to the eyelashes along with bleeding and crusting of the eyelid margin and therefore doctors can find the lice and they can remove it safely.

Symptoms of Phthiriasis

Phthiriasis or lousiness is a disease transferred to the human body from lice generally from horse. There are no much remarkable symptoms of this disease but irritation on the particular skin is considered the most common symptom of phthiriasis.

Treatment of Phthiriasis

Mercurial ointment is a very effective remedy for phthiriasis however, this remedy is very dangerous because if you do not know how to apply it may cause severe problem to your skin. Tobacco water which is made by boiling an ounce of tobacco in a quart of water can be very effective medication for phthiriasis but you need to apply gently on the affected area.
The application of petrolatum for seven to 10 days twice a day is the well treatment for phthiriasis. Some other useful treatments can be considered including anticholinesterase eye ointments, yellow oxide of mercury, or 20 % fluorescein. Fine forceps is to be used properly to remove eyelid lice. However, you can also use cryotherapy, which can cure you fast.

Causes of Phthiriasis

Blood stained coagulated expulsion on the eyelid margins, and the existence of nits on the eyelashes and adult parasites in their line are unique features of this creature and therefore doctors generally use microscopic examination of the louse and its presence. Usually adult lice infest hairs of the axilla, chest, pubic, rarely eyebrows and eye lashes and that develop problems gradually. Most importantly, infestation of lice on eyebrows or eyelashes is caused by Phthirus pubis for which the infection increase in rapid speed.

Phthiriasis Types

Generally there are three types of phthiriasis as mentioned above those are the Phthirius, the Phthir and the Phthir.