Phimosis Process

Minimum Requirements/Preparation for Phimosis Treatment

Surgery is generally preceded by an array of test and examination by the urologist. Next the patient is intimated whether from a surgical view point the he or she is candidate for same day surgery. Then the patient is acquainted with the fact that it is all about one day surgery. The patient is also informed about laboratory and other necessary tests (imaging, abdominal ultrasound, medical, ECG) that might be necessary for surgery, options for anesthesia, probable side effects, complications, home care-based issues, phases of recovery, i.e. all the details that is pertinent to the surgery and relevant for the patient to come to a decision on which treatment method, or surgery to choose.

Phimosis Treatment

Even if the phimosis does not cause any pain or discomfort, immediate treatment of phimosis is imperative. This is particularly important in cases there is stiffness of the foreskin in early years. Treatment may include either non-surgical as or surgical means.

Phimosis Non-Surgical Treatment

Non-surgical Phimosis treatment involves application of creams. In patients with Phimosis steroid creams are applied over the foreskin and the skin is gently pushed back. This enables loosen the foreskin and expose the penis glans. This treatment is effective for both children and adults. In these conditions Phimosis ointments like Hydrocortisone have been considered tobe very useful in loosening the skin.

If manual efforts are not effective, physicians may try balloon inflation of the skin. This can assist stretching the foreskin more effectively than topical cream application.

Phimosis Surgery Treatment

Phimosis trouble does not resolve naturally in adults. For treatment of Phimosis surgery is often imperative.

In grown up adults, treatment is usually done in the form of circumcision. It is a technique that involves removing the upper part of the foreskin. The remaining part of the foreskin is left intact. In very painful or inflamed events of Phimosis, circumcision works as an instant relief.

Phimosis Natural Treatment

If Phimosis symptoms are witnessed to arise due to infections, practicing good hygiene can be effective. Cleaning the genital area with a mild soap and drying the area properly afterwards can be a useful. It is one of the best Phimosis home remedies.

A healthy diet and proper lifestyle can also enable cure yeast infection, which often result in Phimosis problems.

Avoiding sexual activities with infected people can also assist in faster recovery from the disorder. Yeast infection is contagious and can disseminate from person to person due to sexual contact.