Benefits to Permanent Hair Removal

Body hair removal treatments have been around for years and are done to varying degrees in different countries.  There are many available methods for hair removal such as:

  • Temporary reduction: bleaching and creams
  • Temporary removal: shaving or waxing
  • Permanent reduction: laser assisted removal
  • Permanent removal: electrolysis

 Better technologies have definitely been developed over the last few years to effectively address issues with specific skin type and hair removal.  Hair growth in areas such as the underams and pubic area is common to both sexes after puberty.  In several cases with both men and women, there is an unwanted amount of body hair growth.  The only way to deal with this issue is permanent hair removal.

Why Choose Permanent Hair Removal?

Permanent hair removal is chosen by many for cosmetic reasons and in a few instances for medical reasons.  It can be done topically in the areas like the eyebrows, upperlip, face, bikini line and underarms.  This is cheaper in the long run and eliminates the need to go to a Salon and get waxing or threading done on a regular basis.  It also does away with problems like ingrown hairs, bruising or adverse reactions from using hair removal creams.

How it Works:

Electrolysis is a method that is used to permanently remove body hair – in small areas.  A small, very fine needle is inserted into the hair follicle and a pulse of low electric current is directed at the follicle shaft.  It gets destroyed permanently and hair does not grow from it anymore.  Multiple sessions have to be done to achieve significant results.  Two methods are available in the mode of treatment:

  • Galvanic Electrolysis: works by direct current – which acts on saline available in the tissues.  This is a slow method which may require a minute or more per hair and repeated insertions into the follicles.
  • Thermolysis:  uses high frequency current (alternating current) passed through the needle which is already in the follicle.  The frequency produces heat and destroys the hair bulb through thermal means, not chemical.

Currently, combinations of the two methods are used by electrolysis machines.  This hair removal method is best done at a doctor’s office as they have the experience in doing such procedures.  Work is done only on limited areas as there can be some amount of pain during the procedure.  It is important for people to consider all the options in hair removal methods available to them.