Peptic Ulcer Home Remedies

A peptic ulcer is all about worn injury in the inner lining of the abdomen and the associated intestinal tract called the duodenum. The ulcer identified in the stomach is known as a gastric ulcer, and one that is found in the duodenum is called a duodenal ulcer. Generally, both are associated and called as peptic ulcer.

Peptic Ulcer Symptoms

Sever Pain and Discomfort in Upper Abdomen

The symptoms of peptic ulcer are acute and severe pain and uneasiness in the upper part of the stomach. Gastric ulcer pain generally occurs an hour after meals and seldom at night. Duodenal ulcer pain basically unearths between meals when the stomach is empty. The pain is alleviated by food, especially milk. As the disease develops, there is enlargement of the stomach due to flatulence, insomnia, mental tension, and steady weakening of the body. Blood may also be found in the stool.

Peptic Ulcer Causes


A peptic ulcer is caused due to hyperacidity, which is the result of an increase in the hydrochloric acid in the abdomen. The strong acids which are secreted in the stomach by cells lining in the inner side erode the inner lining of the stomach. Dietetic imbalance like overeating, intake of excessive meals or highly spiced foods, alcohol, coffee, and smoking are the prominent factors aiding to this condition.

Food Poisoning, Infections, Stress

Other causes are the intake of a few drugs, food poisoning, some infections, gout, emotional trauma, stress, and nervous breakdown.

Peptic Ulcer Home Remedies

Diet is the best in the treatment of ulcer. The diet should be balanced and planned so that it should provide adequate nutrition to offer rest to the stressed out organs to sustain continuous neutralization of the gastric acid, to prohibit the production of acid and to cut down mechanical and chemical inflammation.


Banana is one of the most fruitful natural remedies for the healing of a peptic ulcer. Banana alleviates the over-acidity of the gastric juices and decreases the inflammation of ulcer by protecting the lining of the stomach. Patients, in an advanced phase of the disease should take only two bananas with a glass of milk, three or four times daily.

Wood Apple

An extract of the leaves of wood apple is yet another effective home remedy for this ailment. Fifteen grams of leaves should be merged overnight in 250 ml of water. Strain this water in the morning and drink it. The pain and uneasiness will alleviate when this treatment is carried out for a few weeks. Bael leaves are also rich source of tannins which cuts down inflammation and assist in the healing of ulcers. The bad fruit when taken in the form of a drink also has miraculous healing properties due to its mucilage content. It generates a coating on the stomach mucosa and in this way helps in the treatment of ulcers.


Lime is another valuable ingredient in peptic ulcers. The fruit is rich source of citric acid and mineral salts which assists in digestion.

Cabbage Remedy

Cabbage is considered as another helpful home remedy for a peptic ulcer. Boil 250 gm of cabbage in 500 ml of water and allow it to reduce to half. Allow this water to cool, and take twice a day. The juice extracted from raw cabbage is also having medicinal properties for a peptic ulcer. However, as this juice is very pungent, it should be mixed with carrot juice, in quantities of 125 ml each.

Fenugreek Seeds Benefits

A tea prepared from fenugreek seeds is also useful home remedy for peptic ulcers. The seeds, when merged in water, are slightly gummy. The tea helps in the treatment of ulcers as the slight coating of mucilaginous substance formed by fenugreek, passes through the intestines, providing protective layer for the ulcers.


The leaves of the drumstick tree, which is mostly found in South India, have also been very effective in the healing of ulcers. Take ten grams of the leaves and transform it into a fine paste, blended with half a cup of yoghurt, and take it daily.

Vegetable Juices

The fresh juices of raw vegetables, specifically carrot and cabbage, are having excellent healing properties and are beneficial in peptic ulcers. Carrot juice can be taken either alone or mixed with spinach, beet and cucumber. The proportion of formula for the first mixture are  300 ml of carrot juice mixed with 200 ml of spinach juice; and for second composition formula are 300 ml of carrot juice mixed with 100 ml of beet and cucumber juice each to get 500 ml of juice.

Almond Milk Benefits

Milk prepared from blanched almonds, using a blender, is a good home remedy for peptic ulcers. It holds the excess of acid in the abdomen and offers high quality protein.

Goat's Milk Benefits

Goat's milk is also extremely effective in the treatment of this disease. It assists in healing peptic ulcers. For best results, a glass of goat's milk can be taken in raw form, three times a day.

Peptic Ulcer Diet

Milk, Cream, Butter and Fresh Vegetables

The diet of the patient suffering with a peptic ulcer must be well planned so as to offer sufficient nutrition, while allowing rest to the disturbed organs, maintaining neutralization of the gastric acid, prohibiting the production of acid, and diminishing mechanical and chemical inflammation. Butter, milk, cream, fresh raw vegetables, fruits makes a complete and ideal peptic ulcer diet.

Other Peptic Ulcer Treatment

Massage and Deep Breathing

A regular massage and deep breathing exercises are also useful. Above all, the patient must be calm, stress free and stay cheerful. He should also observe regularity in his habits, be it work or exercise.