Diet For PCOS Women What Foods To Eat And To Avoid?

PCOS stands for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and it has affected millions of women across the world. It generally creates higher level of insulin in the blood and needs to be controlled immediately. Major symptoms that confirm about a woman facing this syndrome are as under:

  • Several cysts are being developed around the edge of the ovaries
  • Less or no release of eggs from ovaries
  • Higher circulation of male hormones
  • Irregularities in Periods
  • Difficulty in Maintaining a Healthy Body Weight
  • Fertility Problems

The effect of PCOS can be very fatal like heart diseases, diabetes, and others. Although doctors and consultants say that with right diets these problems can be tackled properly. Here is a list that gives detailed information about the food items to be uses and avoided during PCOS problems.

Foods to be Used in PCOS

Fruits: Fruit can help in these issues as they contain high quantity of fiber, vitamins, minerals and other useful elements. Many women during PCOS become reluctant and loose taste for fruits but it gives them a robust support to increase the immunity.

Light and Rich Fats: One can eat items which have healthy and light fats like papaya or others. They help in producing the required acids in the body which are capable of fighting with PCOS related problems.

Green Vegetables: Green Vegetables are great sources of vitamin C, E and K. They also cover many variants of vitamin B which is very much required to fight with PCOS infections and inflammations. It controls the level of sugar and fat in the body. It also regulates the metabolism in the system. These vegetables play crucial role in controlling the problems of such syndrome.

White Vegetables: These vegetables are very rich in anti-oxidants and help in PCOS. They must be included in the diet chart. Some examples can be corn, pears, parsnips, taro, mushroom, onion, garlic and many others.

Organic Meat: Grass-fed meat contains less amount of fat than normal and one can eat it in PCOS diet. It gives strength in the body and increases the immunity.

Foods to Avoid in PCOS

High Glycemic Index Food: Foods that contain high GI levels can cause in high blood pressure and increasing level of sugars in the body that can create serious issues during PCOS. Some foods can be carbohydrate containing foods; non starch vegetables; whole grain breads and cereals; etc.

Dairy Products: The entire products that are derivative of milk can create problems during PCOS. Women facing such problems should not include them in their diet chart. Even small quantity of dairy items can make the situation worse.

Bad Fat Items: Saturated fat is very difficult to dissolve and their depositions become permanent in nature. In PCOS they can take the life of the patients also and they are strictly proscribed from the diet list.

Now one thing we must understand that diet and right exercise are essential to handle with PCOS. Diet chart must be prepared and followed thoroughly to deal with this serious syndrome.