Overweight and Pregnant

Pregnancy is said to be the best phase in the women life as she enters into a complete new world and from a girl she is becoming a mother. Therefore women should be very careful during pregnancy. She should take care of herself and her unborn child. A lot of complication are associated with pregnancy and if the pregnant woman is overweight then these complications may be prove to be fatal. Thus pregnant women should be well aware of the fact that being overweight and pregnant creates a lot of health issues which should be avoided at every cost. 

While being in the pregnancy phase it is found to be the most enjoyable as well as most difficult for women. It is very hard for most of women due to the morning sickness and some other physical and mental discomfort. During pregnancy women tend to become sedentary and making pregnancy as an excuse they keep on hogging all the time. While eating too much and no physical activity leads to excess weight in pregnancy. Though it is important to gain some weight for the development of the unborn kid but she should be aware of the risk of being overweight and pregnant. 

Women who already have healthy weight before pregnancy should gain only 20 to 25 pound that to in the last 3 months of the pregnancy. But instead of this most women gain more than the required weight thus gaining too much weight during pregnancy creates a lot of risks. Therefore it is important for a pregnant woman to consult a doctor about the risk of being overweight and pregnant and the weight issues that you might be going through during your pregnancy and ensures the safety and health of yourself and your unborn kid. 

Overweight and Pregnant

Overweight and Pregnant not only endanger the health of the pregnant women but also causes some high risk complication for the unborn baby. Here are some of the risks seen in overweight and pregnancy: 

  • Birth Defects: Being overweight and pregnant increases the risk in spinal cord and brain defects and this may lead to either prematurity delivery or stillbirth. 

  • Delivery Problems: Being overweight and pregnancy there is a 100% chance of having caesarean delivery and this may lead to some complication in the procedure of surgery.

  • Pre eclampsia: Pregnant woman with overweight are at a high risk of developing pre eclampsia or high blood pressure. Such condition can be proved to be fatal for both mother as well as unborn baby.  

  • Gestational Diabetes: Being overweight and pregnant invites some common problems such as diabetes or high blood sugar which can be very harmful for the baby. 

  • Blood Clots may be formed in the lungs or legs during pregnancy if you are overweight.

  • Risk of Miscarriage will be also at a very high risk of being overweight and pregnant. 

The risk of being overweight and pregnant can be easily avoided if you know how to stay healthy and maintain the balance of your weight. It is not necessary that being overweight you will definitely have some problems but if you work hard and take off some weight then the complication will be less. But one thing that you need to know that to give the baby proper milk you need to have some fat in your body. 

Thus to avoid being overweight and pregnant you need to simply follow some instructions such as: 

  • Have a low fat diet in the beginning.

  • Concentrate more on fruits, vegetable and whole cereal products rather than fast food. 

  • Try and avoid sweet drinks and fried dishes as they cumulate fat more than what is required. 

  • Do some kind of physical exercise almost every day during pregnancy as it will help you remove excess fat in your body but is does not mean that you do some heavy lifts or gym you can simply take a walk for about half an hour that will be enough to burn your excess calories. 

  • In the first trimester you need to stress yourself in eating and do not make it a point that you are eating for two you are not required that much calories in the first trimester. 

  • Drink a lot of water as it will keep the energy in your body running and you unnecessary hunger will also be curtailed off. 

Thus with these few precautions you will be able to have a healthy pregnancy and can avoid the risk of being overweight and pregnant.