Ovary Removal Surgery

What is Ovary Removal

Ovary removal is a method of sterilization in which the ovary which is the reproductive organ in women is removed by surgical means. Ovaries are two in number and are located in the pelvis region of the body and each ovary surrounds the uterus on both the sides. Oophorectomy is the name given to this process of ovary removal and its function is similar to the process of castration which is again a sterilization process, but in males.

History of Ovary Removal

Earlier there was no remedy to save women from various problems such as cancer in the uterus, cervical cancer, cancer in the ovaries, tumor, from the excessive growth of the uterus, formation of placenta in the birth canal, etc. Later on it was discovered that steps can be taken to solve these major problems by surgical means. The only method that was always the last choice for the surgeons was organ removal, be it uterus or ovary to remove the infected part from the body such that the rest of the body does not fall prey to the same illness. Thus, ovary removal was introduced as one of the measures to save women from the intense pains they had to bear till their last breath that they had to go through when there were no such treatments available. 

Purpose of Ovary Removal

The purpose of performing ovary removal process in women may be for removing a pas filled part that has ovary and fallopian tube in it (tubo-ovarian abscess), for preventing ovarian cancer, for treating endometriosis in which the ovaries are removed and the menstrual cycle in women is eliminated, for getting rid of ovarian tumor, at the time of ovarian torsion and for preventing breast cancers as well.

Types of Ovary Removal

1.Oophorectomy : It is the complete removal of the ovaries from a women’s body.

2.Partial Oophorectomy: In this procedure cyst from the ovaries are removed or certain parts of the ovaries are eviscerated. Hence there is no complete removal of the ovaries from the body and chances for preserving the fertility are enhanced. This type of surgery is not always successful as it may lead to the failure of the ovaries which in turn demands the ovary removal.

3.Unilateral Salpingo-oophorectomy: This is the process of ovary removal in which a single ovary is removed from the body along with the fallopian tube. It is also coined as simply Salpingo-oophorectomy.

4.Bilateral Salpingo-oophorectomy: In this process both the ovaries from the body are removed along with the fallopian tubes.

5.Hysterectomy: This is the procedure in which the entire reproductive system is removed from a women’s body. It includes removal of either ovaries or uterus or simply the removal of uterus or the removal of uterus, ovaries and the fallopian tubes altogether.