Ovary Removal Surgery Procedure

Ovary Removal Procedure

Ovaries are the reproductive organs that are responsible for egg production which lead to fertilization after successful intercourse. Ovaries also release sex hormones such as estrogen etc. These hormones help in controlling various activities in a woman’s body apart from reproduction. Ovary removal is a process of removal of the ovaries and requires great care when a woman is being operated. One should prepare well before going for this process.

Preparation for Ovary Removal Surgery

Preparation for Ovary removal surgery is accompanied by various tests such as blood tests, urinal tests, x-rays, ultrasounds, etc. These tests are performed to make the physician aware of what all is taking place in the patient’s body. Anaesthesia conditions should also be checked and discussed before the operation is being performed.

Process of Ovary Removal Surgery

  • A general anaesthesia is given to the patient before the start of the surgery.

  • Surgery is done by making incisions on the abdominal region of the body. These incisions can either be horizontal or vertical much alike the incisions that are made in the hysterectomy process. Vertical incisions are always preferred by the surgeons as they remove the difficulty of viewing the inner organs that are to be operated clearly.

  • The operation is started by making incisions followed by removal of ovaries and sometimes the fallopian tubes along with the ovaries. The ovaries are viewed clearly by stretching apart the abdominal muscles underneath which lie the ovaries on top of the uterus on either side.

  • Laparoscopic procedure is then followed in most advanced cases. Doctors place in the naval of the patient a lens and a small camera and a small source of light so that a clear view of what’s happening inside and also doctors can locate the organ to be removed properly. The entire activity is viewed on a monitor that is connected to the camera.

  • After locating the ovaries, they can be removed through the vaginal passage.

The procedure is very painful to the patient but this lasts only for a few days and the patient can regain the normal activities again after one week or so from the day of operation. 

Ovary Removal Requirements

  • If you have a medical insurance, then it is better to check that whether the kind of surgery you are undergoing is covered in it or not. Also see to it whether your company needs any sort of testimonies or not.

  • An evening before the operation is to be performed; the patient should eat light food. This will enhance the ease of the doctors to perform the surgery and the patient will also feel good.

  • Diets containing juices, water and any other sort of liquids should be avoided before the operation. Patient should stop eating such foods at least 8-9 hours prior to the operation.