Ovary Removal Precautions

Ovary Removal Precautions

Ovary removal is a process of removal of ovaries from a woman’s body. The ovaries produce reproductive hormones in the body that not only influence the reproduction process also are needed by the women throughout their lives to perform various normal activities in a much normal way. So when ovaries are removed from the body, women are required to take certain precautions before and after their surgery is performed so that they can regain the hold of a normal life back again.

Precautions Before Ovary Removal

  • Always think a lot many times to go for this surgery and find out by all possible means that whether the problems that you are suffering from right now can be medically treated or not.

  • Going for surgery in the first attempt is not a good option. Instead try to find out all other means by which your problems can be sorted out apart from using the surgical methods.

  • Those women who have strong lung problems or diseases, hysterectomy can prove fatal to them. One suffering from lung diseases should never go for hysterectomy or simple ovary removal.

  • Steroids and drugs should be avoided at all costs as they only increase surgical risks.

  • Smoking should be stopped as it can prove to be fatal after the surgery or it may cause various health problems after the surgery is performed.

  • Try to lose your weight and avoid as much as you can from becoming an obesity patient as it maximizes surgical risks to a great level.

Precautions After Ovary Removal

  • Curing of a person is increased if a person has a strong inner feeling of becoming alright. So one should always try to control her emotions after being operated.

  • The body should be kept clean with the wounds dried as this will reduce viral attacks on the body and will lower the chances of getting various infections.

  • Lifting of any sort of weights should be avoided for at least 7-8 months from the time of getting operated and one should take complete bed rest after the operation for at least one month or so. It is better to stay in the hospital for the first one or two months because a hospital is a place where best care of a patient is taken.

  • Normal activities can be started in a few weeks from the operation but heavy work like running, exercise, etc. should be avoided for a span of at least one year.

Recovery from Ovary Removal Operation

The only points a woman needs to remember after her surgery is to follow all the precautions. She can also go for therapies such as hormone replacement. Once all the precautions are followed, then it is seen that the patient recovers very fast and is back to normal within one or two month’s time. All the normal activities like before can be done besides certain heavy works such as weight lifting, jumping, running, heavy exercises, etc.