Organic Skin Care

Organic Skin Care

It is said that history often repeats. And this proverb rightly suits to the skin care. With globalization spreading its wings across the globe, the care for the skin was the talk of the town. Beauty parlors popped-up in almost all the dusty streets of small towns too.  A variety of words, such as bleaching and toners were most commonly heard among the young women.  However, the situation gradually changed with women noticing the side-affects of chemicals and switching to traditional health care methods—Organic Skin Care. This very change of the thought among people was timely caught by the spas, which now write the letters “Organic Skin Care Treatment” in bold in their dictionaries. It may be noted that organic skin care is, in fact, said to be practiced in China ages ago.

What is organic skin care?

Any natural skin care method that yields the best results without damaging the skin in the near future is called as organic skin care.  Probably that’s the reason why organic skin care is catching up among the young women and girls. Unlike other skin care methods such as bleaching, which harms the skin, organic skin care protects the skin by removing the dead cells without damaging the face in the long run. The ingredients that go into this method of skin care are extracted from herbs, fruits, flowers and essential oils and there are the ones that make the difference.

Fruit Packs: We often come across the word—fruit face pack, which is nothing but a kind of organic skin care. Depending on the skin types, such as dry, oily and hyper sensitive, a beautician selects the right kind of herbal product for the person with a few modifications.  This lifts the glamour of the person making her feel better when she looks into the mirror without having the fear of her skin getting damaged in the days to come. 

Fruit Massage: Another kind of organic skin care is fruit massage. The thick fruit extracts that flow and soak into the skin is not just relaxing, but is helpful in nourishing the skin.  Besides lifting the looks of a person, the best thing about organic skin care is the sweet fruit smell that comes from a person for sometime after applying herbal creams on her face.

Natural Scrubs: They are used to remove the dead cells besides black heads on the skin.  Rubbing the hard cream on the face for a while will surely play big and yield the best results. Natural scrubs are made out from walnuts and other fruits.

Confused as to apply a scrub or fruit facial or natural lotion?

The best thing is to sit back and surrender yourself to a beautician at least for an hours’ time and let her play her fingers on your face with your eyes closed. You may see a fresh you in the mirror after the organic skin care products are soaked into the face.