Organ Donor Awareness Week 2015

What is Organ Donation?

Organ donation is a kind of human service which enables the person to survive in this world even if the person has gone. This is an act of saving one’s life by giving the organ. This whole act is- taking out the organs like eyes ,kidney, heart etc (solid internal organ) and tissues like bones, skin etc(soft internal parts)  from the body of a person who is dead after his consent and is transplanted to the person who required it. Anybody of any age can donate his organ. There is no age boundation for it. 

So, there is an organ donor week which has been dedicated to make each and every person in the world to spread awareness about donating the organ.  Many camps have been established to educate the general public about it. In this camp staff members tell them about importance and benefits of donating the organ and saving other person’s life. They encourage the person and their family members to become a donor. Therefore we can see some of the groups of people are aware of eyes and blood donation. This Organ Donor Awareness week is dedicated in different countries at different dates and weeks. Only one organ or tissue can save the life of a person therefore, we the general public should come together to motivate for this noble act. Through this, the person will feel that he has left an impression in the heart of the people although he is no more in the world but his donated organ is surviving in the form of other person.

Eye Donation

This donation is a beautiful gift to both people i.e. the person who is getting the eyes (can see the whole world) and the person who is donating the eyes. This is done after the death of the person. There is an organisation named as EYE BANK who works in removal of the eye and distributing it to the person required. There is a movement named “DONATE-EYE-VISION-SIGHT” which encourages in donating this organ.

Kidney Donation

In this donation kidney is transplanted to other person with his prior consent. This act can also take place when donor is surviving. This is mainly done in order to save the life of some near or dear one who is on dialysis.

Heart Donation

In heart donation it’s important to match the blood type, body weight and other illness. The person suffering from hepatitis B and C cannot donate heart. This is done after the death of the person.

Lungs Donation

The donor can give one of the lungs to the person. For transplanting the lungs the donor should be healthy, his blood matches, and he should be of mid age.

Blood Donation

There are many donors who give their blood as charity. There are many blood banks which collect the blood and give it to person needed. There is an organisation named as “WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION” who encourage for blood donation from the donors.

Donor Card

There are many people in this world who willingly wants to donate their organs. But due to some problems they failed. Hence they can get themself register with State organ donor registry office with their own consent and tell about it to their family members and read More...