Olive Leaf Nutritional Supplement

Olive Leaf Supplement Info

Olive leaf is obtained from olive tree. Olive leaves are green- grayish in color. It is an evergreen tree which is native to the Mediterranean region. The use of Olive leaf is medicinal. A unique herb the Olive leaf has multiple applications. The scientific name of the olive leaf is Olea Europaea. The main constituents of olive leaf are oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol.

Benefits Of Olive Leaf Supplement

  • Commonly the olive leaf  acts as a medicine for the treatment of fever.

  • Olive leaf helps reduce low-density lipoproteins, which is  bad cholesterol.

  • The use of olive leaf helps reduce blood pressure and increases blood flow.

  • The antioxidants present in the olive leaf help the body to protect itself from the continous activities of free radicals.

  • Nowadays natural olive leaf and olive leaf extracts are marketed as antibiotic and anti-aging products.

  • Liquid made directly from fresh olive leaves have a greater amount of antioxidants when compared to green tea.

  • The extracts from olive leaf are also used in the manufacture of soaps and skin creams.

  • Olive leaf can be taken in the form of powder, capsule or liquid concentrate.

  • Olive leaves are also beneficial in the treatment the diseases caused by virus, bacteria and protozoans.

  • The antioxidants in the olive leaf  protect  blood vessels from damage and prevents the heart from coronary diseases.

Olive LeafSupplement Side Effects

No side effects were identified.

Olive Leaf Supplement Dosage

  • There are no standard amount of olive leaf to be taken.

  • The amount of olive leaves to be taken for a cup of tea is one teaspoon of dried leaves.

The Olive branch stands for   peace and prosperity. During the  ancient Olympic Games, the winners were honoured with a wreath of  olive leaves.