Fitness Mantras at Old Age

Fitness for seniors is as important as for any one. Physical fitness, especially for seniors helps them improve their stamina and help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is the secret to living better and longer.  Here are six fitness mantras at old age that affect your health and life in general.

  • Change Your Fitness Routine:  Research has proved that more than 6 weeks of the same fitness routine will kill your motivation to continue. Hence never get stuck in a fixed program for long. This should be the first of your fitness mantras at old age.
  • Make Time For Exercise: It is easy to say that you are hard pressed for time or that you are not able to get the appropriate time for your fitness routine. The fact is everyone has the same 24 hours and so you do.  Prepare a time table if you have to and stick to it.
  • Change The Way You Eat: It is said that from the age 30, your body starts accumulating fat more than before. So, watch your calories. Eat foods rich in fiber and stick to low fat fresh foods. This will aid your fitness regime.
  • Use Your Body: Most seniors feel that once they are old, they must give up doing some things in life. That should not include giving up an active life for sedentary living. Retirement should not mean inactivity. It only means relaxing and enjoying the simple pleasures of life with increased attention to one’s health. So, hit the gym or Pilate’s studios to ward off the maladies of old age ailments and do just that – use your body.
  • Do Not Ignore Pain: While exercising, there may be instances of soreness and muscle pain. But when it becomes chronic, do not ignore. Consult your physician and fix the problem. Do not hesitate to seek help.
  • Like What You Do:  There are some difficult exercises that make you wince at them. But, these are the ones that do you good and hence must not be skipped. For retaining your interest in your fitness program, plan your routine to include both the easy and the difficult ones in equal measures. That way you will feel satisfied and will look forward to go to the gym.