Obesity Home Remedies

Obesity Home Remedies

What is Obesity?

Obesity is a condition of the body due to over-accumulation of fat beneath the skin and around a few of the internal organs. It has been proved that over weight people have a greater risk of dying early than those people having average weight.

Causes of Obesity

  • Corpulence is attributed to many causes. It may be because of the disturbances of some of the endocrine glands, i.e. pituitary, thyroid, and sex glands.
  • In some families obesity is transferred from one generation to the other, but mostly it is the direct result of a life of comfort and over-eating.
  • A luxurious sedentary and inactive life is a well-recognized major cause.
  • The immediate cause of obesity is excessive eating and excess of liquor. If you eat food beyond what is required to repair and generate the regular energy goes towards the increase of fat.
  • Those addicted to liquor are specifically affected if they still eat a normal diet in addition to liquor. What is not realized is that alcohol caters to the immediate energy requirements of the body and the food that is eaten above it is accumulated in the form of fat.
  • Women are at higher risk to obesity, specifically after childbirth. As the new mother is fed on starchy and fatty foods with an impression that the blood lost on delivery must be compensated by extra rich diet.

Effects of Obesity 

  • The mental activity of the corpulent is ought to be impaired, nevertheless there have been exceptions to this rule.
  • The obese are prone to develop serious diseases like gallstone, diabetes, arterial disease, varicose veins and high blood pressure.
  • Obesity is similar to constipation. Just as waste assimilates in the gut, which should have been drained out of the body, tends to accumulate in the form of fat on various organs.

Treatment of Obesity

Dietary Tips to Reduce Weight   

  • Weight could be cut down by fasting for a limited time but that is not often advisable. Sudden and complete fasting may enable the poison accumulated in the body to damage it. Fasting must be observed gradually and restricted.
  • The best dietary plan is to make fruits and boiled green leafy vegetables as a major part of your diet. A diet plan of fruits and vegetables will offer you the minerals salts and vitamins for the sustenance of life and it would also reduce the quantity of fat that has already been gathered.
  • The advisable fruits are pineapples, melon, raspberry, oranges, tomatoes, pears papaya, apples, muskmelon, etc.
  • The vegetables should be fusion of all kind of green i.e., cucumber gourds, etc. tuberous vegetables should be avoided. Only carrot can be taken.
  • The corpulent should take a glass of water mixed with lime in the morning regularly.
  • Salads should be allowed provided that eggs and salad oil have not been added.
  • The best weight reducing agent has been the juice of gourd, cucumber, and tomatoes to which a lime and small quantity of honey has been added. It between meals, you can also take snacks consist of tomatoes and cucumber without any restriction on quantity.

Obesity Exercise

  • A fast reduction of weight is possible by regular and vigorous exercise blend with right and adequate diet.
  • The recommended exercise is skipping the rope, and other exercise which stimulates the muscles.

Other Natural Therapy

Mud packs can also be of help, as sunbathing for long period generates sweat.

Honey Therapy

Honey is believed to contain weight loss component. It should be taken with lime juice mixed in water on an empty stomach.


It's an herbal product effective for weight loss. Herbal treatments have sustained their spot amongst myriads of people wanting to lose weight desperately. Those who have actually resorted to herbal remedies have great success stories to tell.

Lemon Tea

Relying on lemon tea for weight loss is gaining popularity amongst people across the globe. Many people have begun replacing their regular tea with lemon tea, just to avail its weight loss properties benefits. Don't be astonished if you are offered lemon tea at someone’s home.


Hipbath is believed to boost the phenomenon of burning calories. One can undertake a hip bath twice daily. Remember, hipbath in itself is of no use, unless it is followed by proper diet and exercise.


Although not very popular other than Asian countries, Guduchi is an herbal remedy for weight loss.

Avoiding Processed Food

Processed and junk food should be eliminated from the diet. Chocolates, cakes, cold drinks, and pizzas should also receive the same fate. All of these junks are disastrous for the health.


Home remedies are being observed by plethora of people across the world. Many have been actually successful in their initiative. You do not require any particular equipment, or rocket science knowledge to cut down weight. Basic knowledge fused with consistency and hard work would suffice in helping you obtain your target step by step. Make short goals for yourself and once you acquire that set goal, target a new goal and try to achieve that. It's also imperative to keep yourself motivated to ward off quitting your journey in between.