Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional Supplement Drinks

The market is flooded with nutritional supplement drinks. Here are a few of those that are really useful and can be co...

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Phosphatidyl Serine Nutritional Supplement

Phosphatidyl Serine Supplement Info Originally extracted from the brain tissue of cows, Phosphatidyl serine is now der...

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Piperine Nutritional Supplement

Piperine Supplement info Piperine is the alkaloid accountable for the taste (spiciness) and smell of black pepper. It ...

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Polysaccharides Nutritional Supplement

Polysaccharides Supplement Info Polysaccharides are group of sugar components that form in sets from tens to thousands...

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PABA Nutritional Supplement

PABA Supplement Info PABA is the short form of para-aminobenzoic acid. It is a non- protein amino acid and is slightl...

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Calcium Citrate Nutritional Supplement

Calcium Citrate Info Calcium citrate is one of the supplements of the mineral called calcium. The other forms of cal...

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Copper Gluconate Nutritional Supplement

Copper Gluconate Info Copper Gluconate is another form of copper which can be absorbed readily. Copper is a mineral wh...

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Adenosine Triphosphate Nutritional Supplement

Adenosine Triphosphate Info Adenosine triphosphate is the full form of ATP. Adenosine is a nucleotide which is present...

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Nutritional supplements are also known as dietary supplements or food supplements. A Nutritional supplement is basically intended to supplement one’s diet with extra nutrients, such as Vitamins, fiber, fatty acids, minerals, or amino acids, in case these are lacking in a person’s diet. Nutritionalsupplements commonly include minerals, vitamins,herbs, meal supplements, sports nutrition products, natural food supplements, and similar products which boost the nutritional content of the diet.

Purpose of Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional supplements may used for various purposes. They could be used for boosting general health and energy, to strengthen the immune system, to raise performance levels for sportspersons, or as a support while recuperating from illness or disease. There are several common types of nutritional supplements:

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Herbs
  • Meal supplements
  • Sports nutrition
  • Other nutritional supplements

Benefits of Nutritional Supplements

  • Nutritional supplements, first and foremost, help overcome nutritional deficiencies. No diet can provide all the required vitamins and minerals that we need. Nutritional supplements fill that gap.
  • Nutritional supplements boost the immune system. This is very important as the stronger your immune system is, the more resistant your body will be to disease.
  • Nutritional supplements also help us get rid of the toxins which are inevitably ingested everyday through environmental pollution, touching things high in chemicals or eating synthetic foods. Anti-oxidants are especially important for this.
  • Nutritional supplements raise performance levels especially for people such as athletes and those who indulge in regular mental activities which require a lot of concentration, for example, musicians, surgeons, etc. This is because it provides a boost to the energy levels in the body.
  • Nutritional supplements are especially helpful for the elderly as it will boost their immune system and strengthen their bones, thus avoiding common old-age problems.

Side effects of Nutritional Supplements

It is possible that nutritional supplements can cause an upset stomach or allergic reactions such as rashes, nausea, flushing, headaches, and sweating. It’s always better to test them out first.

Recommended Dosage for Nutritional Supplements

There is no set dosage. Dosages of nutritional supplements differ depending on the product and the individual needs of a person. Many countries, like the USA, publish guidelines for vitamins and minerals. Otherwise we can refer to the manufacturers guidelines or consumer information sources. It’s always best to consult your practitioner.

What's New - Nutritional Supplements

Quercetin Nutritional Supplement

Quercetin Supplement Info Quercetin is a plant flavanoid which has strong anti oxidative property and that can neutralize the free radicals helping......

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Vitamin B12 Nutritional Supplement

Vitamin B12 Info Vitamin B12 is another form of B complex Vitamin group. It is also known as cobalmin.  Vitamin B12 is a water soluble......

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Vitamin B1 Nutritional Supplement

Vitamin B1 Info Vitamin B1 is also known as thiamine. It is a water soluble vitamin. Vitamin B1 was first named as aneurin. It forms one of the......

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Beta Carotene Nutritional Supplement

About Beta Carotene Beta Carotene is a red-orange colored organic compound. It is found in plants and fruits. BetaCaro...

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Resveratrol Nutritional Supplement

Resveratrol Supplement Info Resveratrol in a phytoalexin produced in plants during bacterial or fungal attack and is ...

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Diindolyl Methane Nutritional Supplement

About Diindolyl Methane Diindolyl methane, also called Dindolyl methane is an anticarcinogen formed by the digestion o...

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Tocotrienols Nutritional Supplement

Tocotrienols Supplement Info Tocotrienols are a part of the family of Vitamin E. Basicall...

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Ribonucleic Acid Nutritional Supplement

Ribonucleic Acid Info Ribonucleic Acid otherwise simply referred to as RNA is a natural macromolecule found in the nuc...

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Vitamin B6 Nutritional Supplement

Vitamin B6 Info Vitamin B6 forms an element of  B complex vitamin group. It is a water soluble vitamin. The three...

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Vitamin B5 Nutritional Supplement

Vitamin B5 Info Vitamin B5 is a water soluble vitamin. It is also known as Pantothenic acid. It was discovered by Roge...

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Rubidium Nutritional Supplement

Rubidium Supplement Info Rubidium is a trace mineral that assists in many functions of our body thereby helping us to ...

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