Nutritional Supplement Drinks

Nutritional Supplement Drinks

The market is flooded with nutritional supplement drinks. Here are a few of those that are really useful and can be consumed for better results.


It is required for the normal functioning of the body. 8-10 glasses of water per day is always recommended for good health.

Cow’s Milk

Milk obtained from grass-feed cows is the best source of proteins and essential fatty acids.  A glass of milk is not only tasty but also energizing.  It is the only wholesome food besides eggs. People who are fat-conscious can go for skimmed or low-fat milk. This is the best of nutritional supplement drinks.

Herbal Infusions

These are teas made from medicinally rich plants. Some of the herbal infusions that are known to be healthy are green tea, chamomile tea, nutmeg powder in warm milk. They are well known for their relaxing effects for both mind and body.

Vegetable Juices

 In addition to being tasty, vegetable juices has more fiber and vitamins with less carbohydrates content. These nutritional supplement drinks are rich in anti-oxidants and are therefore recommended as healthy substitutes to any other drink.

Fruit Juices

 Most of us love juices and smoothies.  Crushed fruits are better than thoroughly blended ones because they retain the fiber and pulp. Fruits and fruit juices are rich in simple sugars and are recommended for instant energy.

Sports Drinks

 They do not have as many calories as soft drinks but they are high in calories. It is recommended for athletes who undergo intensive training and sweat excessively. They are enriched with minerals and salts such as sodium, potassium and chloride. Aptly termed as recovery drinks, these drinks help provide instant energy and replenish lost salts for post work out recovery.

Butter Milk

 This is an excellent probiotic drink that anyone can think of. It has all the digestive enzymes and proteins required for a healthy body. As it is made from yogurt, this drink is ideal for diabetics. It has negligible carbohydrates. You can add salt, pepper or any fruit to it. Adding sugar makes it an instant energy drink too.

Protein Drinks

These are available in the market as whey protein isolate. Proteins are building blocks of our body and are required to build muscles and immunity.  But, they are digested very slowly and hence you feel full for longer time.

Fortified Drinks

 These are regular drinks such as Boost, Horlicks and Ensure, which are used as substitutes for meals. They are usually consumed by children who need loads of energy, proteins, minerals and vitamins to match their activity levels.  They are formulated and adequately fortified to meet the child’s ‘growing needs’.