Numerology House Numbers and House Numbers As Per Numerology

Numerology House Numbers and House Numbers As Per Numerology

Finding out the way to find the numerology of your house is very simple. Take the house number and add the numbers together to get a single digit. For example the address of the house number is 1234 anything street. Simply add 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10 = 1, so we have the house number 1.

If you are living in apartment you have to use both numbers to get the single number. For instance the address of your apartment is 2150, apt 20 anything Street, then add (2150 & 20 = 2+1+5+0+2+0=10=1) to get your single number of One. By adding 2+1+5+0 you can find the energy of the building and adding the apartment number gives the energy of the building and the apartment.

What Do The House Numbers Mean?

All the house numbers will have the positive and negative traits. How you receive the energy is up to you. If you come across with the negative energy you can clear it or remove the stagnant negative energy.

Numerology House Number 1:

  • The house number 1 house will have good energy and positive vibrations. This house helps in setting the trend with inventive energy. Sunlight is the most efficient thing to get positive vibrations. This house will appear selfishness and snobbery. If the house is not getting enough sunlight you can opt for natural light bulbs.
  • The number 1 houses are prone to fires, so keeping an eye can help you to prevent the danger.The color suggestions for Number 1 houses are Yellow, Gold, and Orange.

Numerology House Number 2:

This is the house that creates peace, harmony, and balance in every ones lives. This house suits for relationships, and people who are laid back and friendly. This will be a great house for people who are living together for long and couples.The color suggestions for number 2 houses are Cream, Green and White.

Numerology House Number 3:

  • This house will have a welcome sign of happiness on its door. This house suits for indoor and outdoor activities. This house is always surrounded by noise, music, laughter and people.
  • The 3 number house people will clutter their house with decorating stuff.The color suggestions for number 3 houses are Mauve, Lilac, calming blues and violets.

Numerology House Number 4:

  • This number house will be neat and in order. People who live in this number house climb the ladder of success. This house may face some structural problems.
  • The color suggestions for number 4 houses are Blue and gray muted colors.

Numerology House Number 5:

  • Most of the 5 number houses have people who will move in and out. The number five house is a challenge, change and new experiences. People who live in the five number houses will love to change the themes of each room. This house may get some arguments and bad tempers.
  • The color suggestions for this number houses are Green to aid with healing the changes.

Numerology House Number 6:

The house number 6 is a loving and peaceful vibrations house. Most of them get attracted to this house.Color suggestions are Rose, Pink and Green.

Numerology House Number 7:

  • This is a kind of house which gets attracted to mystic and intellectual persons. This house loves water. You may find a pool or fountain in this house.
  • The color suggestions of these houses are Ocean Blues, Silver and water-colors.

Numerology House Number 8:

  • This House will have ambitious persons. If you love nature and you are ambitious this house is for you.
  • The color suggestions for these houses are Green, Cream, Blues and Grays. 

Numerology House Number 9:

  • The persons who live in this house are pet lovers and humanitarian. Social workers, medical people would love to stay in this house. Whoever lives in this house may find their psychic awareness develops a lot faster.
  • The color suggestions are Yellow, Pink, Violet and Indigo.These are the numerology house numbers which helps people to find the right house for them to live happily their lives.

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