Number Meanings

Number Meanings


In numerology, every number has some significant meaning associated with it. Each number is known to represent some connection to universal principles, – the symbolical manifestations of the things in nature that affect our being. A brief on the meanings of the numbers is as follows:

One: The people having their life number as One are bubbling with positivity and pure energy. They are always destined to hold a leadership position. They are determined about the goal of their life, and are independent and strong. They are not afraid of straying away from the set path and try unconventional routes in life. Creativity and strength in character are the two main aspects of persons with number one. They also show in themselves an urgency of new beginnings emphasizing on the natural forces to guide them. Ones primarily reflect strong will and purity.

Two: The number Two people have delicate qualities of kindness and balance equalized with powers of tact and duality. The act, power of persuasion and diplomatic skills in them help others to resolve their differences as well. Number Two people are mostly about exerting the natural flow of judgment to deliver the best to our souls. Though they are not eager to do it always, number Twos find a peculiar sense of satisfaction urging people out of indecision and resolving differences between rivals

Three: The spiritual significance of number Three deals with magic, intuition, fecundity, and advantage. They have a peculiar expression, versatility, and pure joy of creativity about themselves. For some numerologists, number Three stands for Trinity, union of the Divine plus human, and the manifestation of positive, negative and neutral energy. The people with number Three need to consider their life-path in relation to past events and future goals as three is also regarded as a time identifier - Past, Present and Future. Three stands for reward and success in most undertakings. They are always more or less different from the others and find a sense of achievement to redefine the meaning of life to the people who have lost the joy to live.

Four: Number Fours deal with stability and practicality. They have strong emotional ties with their near and dear ones and are attached to their home and family very much. Four also signifies the four directions and the amazingly powerful essences that can be found all around us are manifested in people with number Four. The number Four people are about solidity, calmness, persistence, endurance and love for the family. They may venture far for various reasons, but the destiny number decided their urge and need to come back to their roots over and over again.

Five: Number Five people generally associate themselves with travel, adventure, and motion. There is a peculiar tendency of instability and unpredictability seeded in their character which sometimes causes radical changes in their lives. They have the urge of freedom in them to find fulfillment. They are drawn towards the wonders of life and are not afraid to shun the familiar in order to live up to their destiny. There are some primitive and erratic impulses about the number Fives. If Five tends to rule your destiny path, you are going to set out on a long drawn journey – a journey which may or may not be necessarily physical, but can be spiritual as well.

Six: Venus is the ruler of number Six. It generally signifies a legend. The number Six people are about harmony, balance, sincerity, love, and truth. They have a delicate art of handling sensitive matters and are basically humanitarian by nature. They find happiness in helping others and beautifying the world with their artistic endeavors. Six is also related to enlightenment, and striking a perfect spiritual and mental balance. The number Six people administer compassion and forgiveness to the seemingly difficult situations of life.

Seven: Almost like the number Threes, the Sevens also have magical forces about them. They signify the esoteric and scholarly aspects of magic. The number Sevens believe in conscious thought and awareness and find the goal of their life fulfilled in sharing their findings with the fellow men. They are significantly interested in science, mysteries, the occult or other fascinating fields. Sevens can sometimes represent impractical dreaming, but there is a surreal magical vibration about them that you cannot absolutely deny.

Eight: In numerology, number eight is about business, success, and wealth. Success is something that comes naturally to them because their dogged determination and repetition leads them to authority, personal recognition and financial success. Eight signifies the momentum of continuation, repetition, and cycles. The continuous rolls make it bigger with each revolution.

Nine: Attainment, satisfaction and accomplishment describe the number Nines. They strive to bring about charity, beauty, art, romance and perfection into the world. They have the innate intellectual power and innovativeness that creates for them an authority over situations and things. They believe in living a life full of generosity, compassion, forgiveness and understanding and recognizing their internal attributes to make a positive and influential difference in the world.

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