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NOS (Not Otherwise Specified)

About Not Otherwise Specified

The lexical meaning of ‘About Not Otherwise Specified’ alias NOS is when an item, which cannot be specified under any of the existing classifications or headings in a schedule or tariff. But clinically it can be defined as a pervasive developmental disorder which is a kind of atypical autism disease.

While defining signs of schizophrenia, Eugen Bleuler a Swiss psychologist already used this term of disease ‘About Not Otherwise Specified’ nearly 100 years ago.

According to Eugen Bleuler ‘About Not Otherwise Specified’is an autistic withdrawal of the patient to his/her fantasies against which any influence from outside becomes an intolerable disturbance. The term autism used first by the US researchers to define children with emotional or social problems. There is no influence of genetic occurrence of this disease as worldwide doctors are standing with this point about this disease.

Symptoms of Not Otherwise Specified

NOS is a spectrum disorder and therefore every child does not have the same signs. The two main symptoms of this disease can be found like difficulties with social interaction skills and communication. Although symptoms can be easily visible to children but doctors do not provide treatment up to the age of 4. Usually adult people do not suffer with this problem but in some cases this disease can attack adult people too however, the usual occurrence of this disease in the adult people is in between 60s to 70s. One of the typical symptom of this disease is the infected child is unable to react when someone cries or laughs. Literal thinking is also considered as one of the most important symptoms of this disease.

Some of the language-based symptoms which are found immediately after few months of the birth are -  

  • Monotonous or rigid language
  • Slender interests
  • Jagged development of his/her mother language
  • Meager nonverbal communication

Treatment of Not Otherwise Specified

There are many intensive and comprehensive undertaking treatments are available which are involved with careful observation. Doctors or the team of professional can take part in the program of training the parents of the infected children. Many comprehensive programs are being taken place for the training of the parent of the child under maximum supervision. Some of the most famous treatments are available now namely - Applied behavior analysis (ABA), Pivotal response therapy (PRT), Verbal Therapy, Floortime, Relationship Development Intervention (RDI), and The Son-Rise Program.

Causes of Not Otherwise Specified

NOS is a contagious disease. Children can be infected with this disease in their schools while interacting with classmates. A child can be infected with this disease immediately after birth by the process of inhibited communication skills.

Not Otherwise Specified – NOS Types:

There are some of the types of NOS which are very severe but most of the types of NOS are mild. There usually three types of NOS found. Although NOS is not considered as a severe disease, if it continues and not treated properly on time then it may stand as the big problem of the children. The child may lose his/her listening and reacting ability.

Not Otherwise Specified

  • DD-NOS, depressive disorder
  • ED-NOS, eating disorder
  • MD-NOS, mood disorder
  • PD-NOS, personality disorder
  • PTCL-NOS, peripheral T-cell Lymphoma
  • Adenocarcinoma not otherwise specified
  • Psychotic disorder not otherwise specified