Noni Herbal Supplement

Noni Supplement Info

The noni plant is a small shrub that stretches from three to six meters. It has straight stem, large elliptical leaves, white flowers and ovoid yellow fruits. The ripe noni fruit does not have a good taste and odor.

Benefits of Noni Supplement

Juice of noni has been facilitated by inhabitants living in regions where noni tree are found i.e. the South Pacific for centuries. It was popular in local folk history as a survival food in the times of famine, even though its taste is not that good. Latest products frequently have sweeteners for instance raspberry or pear juice mixed with the Noni juice. Many people rely on Noni juice and other Noni products as they have experienced successful relief on application of noni juice. Clinical results can carry more weight as conclusive proof. These natural fruits do have prominent phytochemicals, macronutrients, micronutrients and other components that are considered to be beneficial to the human body. They are imperative ingredients of folk medicine and substitute medical treatments.

Suggested Doses of Noni Supplement

Dosage of this beneficial Noni extract varies and entirely depends on who is taking it, how old they are, and the reasons of taking it. For several persons, one ounce regularly is enough. Other manufacturer suggests that one to two ounces, once or twice every day is ideal. Most manufacturers say that taking Noni early morning during a peaceful time and on an empty stomach is of utmost benefit. It is always suggested for those individuals who are consuming nutritional supplements i.e. Noni juice to take advice of their physician before taking any product.

Side Effects of Noni Supplement

No serious side effects have been recorded on use of Noni juice or its supplements. It is believed to be a safe product and is not anyway harmful to the life. The US Government War Department reported that Noni was eaten during World War II, and Pacific Islanders asked soldiers to use Noni as emergency food.

Persons who at first instance take too high a dosage might have some intestinal disorder or experience a laxative effect. Other side effects like digestive disorders, intestinal troubles, bloating, diarrhea, and other problems usually subside fast. Any negative side effects may be reduced by taking more quantity of water when consuming Noni.