1820s in Fashion

1820s in Fashion: General Trends

In westerncountries, 1820s in fashion wascharacterized by transitioning away of fashionable women's dressing styles fromthe classically inspired ‘Empire’ styles. This period had re-adopted few thingslike full skirts and clearly visible corseting of the natural waist and thesetrends had been treated as attributes of most of the eighteenth century.

Theoutline of the men’s clothing witnessed change in a similar way. By the mid of1820s, coats were featured with wide shoulders with wheezing sleeves, a taperedwaist, and full skirts. Trousers were considered as a smart day outfit whilebreeches were still worn at courts and in countryside.

1820s in Fashion: Men’s Clothing

Men’sclothing during mid-1820s can be shown with an attractive outlinewith widened shoulders stressedmore with puffs at the sleeve head, a tapered waist, and wavy hips.

Men, during this period, wore linen or cotton shirts with tall collars. Theshirts were worn along with broadcravats fastened in a soft curve.

The coats and waistcoatswere designed with a high collar so that it could frame the face and were seenwith a cut in a straight line across the waist.  As during the previous periods, cutaway coatswere seen to be worn as a formal daywear. The coats were normally made of woolor velvet and the fashionable coats were of bottle green and midnight bluecolor. These ten years of 1820s in fashion saw that double-breastedwere considered to be stylish.

Men were seen wearingthe full-length light-color trousers throughout day time. The trousers had acut completely through the hips and thighs, narrowing to the ankles.

1820s in Fashion: Women’s Clothing

Women’s clothing, in the first five years of 1820s witnessed a little modificationin the regency styles. The placement of the waistline appeared to be lower than the high waistline ofthe Regency. The size of the sleeves increased during this period. But theperiod did not see any radical changes in the empire aesthetic.

The second five yearof the decade, this neoclassical aesthetic was determinedly rejected, whichpaved the path towards for the key fashion features of the coming 10 to 15years. Colors like chrome yellow and Turkey red gained more popularity. It wasconsidered fashionable to wear clothes with large bold checkerboard fabrics. Sometimeswomen wore a bustle. Belts put more emphasis on the new specific waist.

Women during thisdecade wore day gowns with a round tangled linen collar analogous to a softElizabethan ruff.

1820s in Fashion: Hairstyles

In thebeginning of the decade, the hair was divided in the center and fashioned intofirm curls over the temples. Over the period of time these curls appeared to bemore elaborate and widened. The roll on the back turned into a looped knot andit was seen to be worn on the top.

Bymid-decade broad edged hats and hat-like bonnets with loads of feathers andribbons were worn.

Old-fashionedmarried or elder women were seen wearing indoor caps made of fine linen, with apleated caul on the back to cover up the tresses. For street-wear, these hatswere worn under bonnets. 

For men the curled hair andsideburns were considered more stylish. Coping up with the latest style, thecrowns of the big tall hats also appeared as curvy.

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