Permanent and Temporary Hair Removal on Neck

No woman likes hair on any other part of the body apart from on the head. Unfortunately, hair on other parts of the body is a common occurrence and so most women are interested to get rid of this unwanted hair. Formation of excess hair can be genetic or it may be caused by hormonal imbalance which develops as a woman crosses the age of thirty. Fortunately there are quite a few procedures for hair removal in women. Here we shall take a look at procedures for neck hair removal.

Waxing Neck Hair Removal

In line with all the other parts of the body, hair removal by waxing is very popular with women. Waxing involves applying hot wax to the hairy region, placing a dry cloth or similar fabric strip on the wax and then, once the wax has set, removing the strip in a swift and smooth motion. If done properly, the excess hair comes off along with the strip. Even though this procedure is quite effective, it is not permanent and the hair tends to grow back after four to six weeks. This is why other more permanent methods are adopted for neck hair removal.

Electrolysis Neck Hair Removal

This is a more permanent method of neck hair removal. In this method, a sharp needle is inserted into the hair roots and an electric current is then sent through the needle. The result is that the root of the hair gets destroyed and it is not likely to grow back. Even though this is more permanent, there is another method which is also quite effective.

Laser Surgery Neck Hair Removal

In this case, high-energy laser beams are directed at the base of the hairs. They destroy the hair roots and the hair mostly does not come back. The disadvantage of laser surgery is the high cost and the fact that it can only be successfully completed with multiple sessions. However, the hair removal is quite permanent which makes the advantages effectively outweigh the disadvantages.

Depilatories Neck Hair Removal

These are creams and lotions that, when applied to the hairy regions of the neck, if left on for a predetermined time, will dissolve the hair and it can be effectively wiped off. The advantages are that depilatories are available readily in drugstores and supermarkets and they can be used without professional supervision for neck hair removal. However, it is advisable to exercise caution while using them and if there is any doubt, a dermatologist should be contacted.

There are a few other methods of hair removal which we have not discussed here as they are not suitable for using on the neck. The procedures mentioned above have been acclaimed as the most effective methods for neck hair removal.