Natural Skin Care Top 5 Tips

Skin care is the most important activity which most of us ignore in our daily schedule. Beautiful skin will help us looking healthy and charming. Whenever our health deteriorates then the first effect will be on the skin. This is because the skin is dependent up on most of the internal functioning of our body. Therefore one of the simple secrets of having beautiful skin is to have healthy body. Good health always leads to good skin texture.

Natural Skin Care

Skin is the largest organ which spreads all across the body. Apart from helping us in sensing things one of the most important functions of skin is to protect us from various viral and contagious diseases. For this very reason it is more important to take care of our skin and keep it healthy. By using chemicals we are forcing the skin and putting unnatural pressure on the skin to perform well. This is not good for the skin in long term basis. Therefore, many dermatologist advice people to follow natural remedies for better health of the skin.

Natural remedies consist of herbs, natural oils and many other natural essentials. There are many ways of using these natural supplements which will over a period of time help your skin in improving its texture and color. 

Top 5 Tips for Natural Skin Care 

Many ways have been designed to maintain good skin by following natural tips. Here are the top 5 ways of maintaining your skin healthy and young naturally.

Tip 5 - Exfoliation is a simple process which is used to remove the dead cells of your skin. The only tool which you need is a simple skin brush which has soft bristles. You don’t require any kind of lotion or cream to get the result. After you take your bath stand with the water on you and start rubbing your body with the brush. Take the brush in slow circular motion which will help you improve the circulation of blood inside the body. Avoid being harsh on the skin and take the circles with light pressure on the skin. This is done to detoxify your skin and also improve the circulation of blood. 

Tip 4 - Good digestive system is very essential in having a good skin. By having proper digestive system you will have glowing skin as there is lesser amount of toxics produced in good digestive system. Include apple, whole grains, high fiber snacks, green leaves, cauliflower and whole grains in your diet. These supplements will help you in enhancing the texture of your skin and give them proper nutrition. 

Tip 3 - Stress is another silent assassin of skin which will harm your skin. You should give the body some activity regularly so that your blood circulation is active all the time. Without proper blood circulation you cannot have good skin texture.  Because of stress there is a possibility of your physical activity coming down drastically. Because of which you will be compelled to become lethargic. It is advised to take a break every 1 hour for 5-10 mins and take a walk when in office. This will help the body to be active and the circulation of blood will also be good. 

Tip 2 - Sugar is a strict no-no if you are planning to have good skin. Sugar is considered to be one of the main agents for premature ageing. The more sugar you have the more aged your skin looks. Therefore it is advised that you do not take in sugar content more than necessary. The reason behind this is, when the body has excess sugar the glucose molecules go and stick to protein molecules making them useless.  The new molecules which are formed damage the colleen which is very important for the body’s ageing process. Therefore it is important to control your sugar intake. 

Tip 1 - The most important tip is, having good intake of water. When the body doesn’t have proper quantity of water then it has a direct effect on the skin. Without proper water content in the body, there might be a possibility of dehydration which will have a negative effect on the whole functioning of the body. Water is a very good agent in removing the waste products of the body. It may be through sweat or urine. When there is less water in your body the waste products will settle in the body and effect major body functions like digestive system. Therefore, water is important for good skin.