Natural Facial Cleansers



Most of the time our skin is exposed to a lot of things like pollutions, dust and sun rays that cause a lot of damage to the skin. Once our skin is exposed to such bad elements of the environment a tendency for our skin damage grows. The damage skin acquires wrinkles, fine lines age spots, blemishes and fast aging skin. Though outside activities is not the only reason for the damage of our skin. It can happen any time; even at night while we are fast asleep our skin secretes oil and this at times may block the pores that may result in blackheads and unwanted skin disorders. 

Whenever such things happen we tend to become critical about it as our face is the first thing that anyone sees in us and accordingly they make an impression about us. Aside from this fact our face is also considered as the silent communicator of our feelings; and it is the facial expressions only that help us to know the reaction of the person in front of you. Thus, these are the reason as why we must use facial cleansers. 

Facial cleansers are said to be one of the great skin care products that aid us in cleansing our skin from all free radicals and they help in bringing back the moisture of our skin that is required for the growth and glow of the skin. The product of skin care is specifically created for the solution of all the problems of the skin. It is milder than the face soap we use and therefore it is very much safer to use such skin products rather using the face soap regularly. It has always been advisable to clean the skin before we use any other skin care products or different creams or gels for various skin issues like ; pimples, acne, wrinkles etc. 

Home Remedies for Facial Cleanser

These are some very easy steps involved in the use of facial cleansers. First and foremost before using facial cleansers you should wash your hand so that all the bacteria on your hands get eliminated. Secondly, you should clean your face with a moisten and clean soft washcloth; after rubbing the face gently using your hands in a gentle manner you need to rub your face with a facial cream in a circular motion in such a way that a foam is created. While rubbing the face with the cream be very cautious that you should concentrate more on the nose, forehead and the cheeks. After you are done cleansing your face with a washcloth but make sure this time you use tepid water instead of lukewarm water. After this gently rub the washcloth over your face so that the facial cream is removed. Take one thing in your mind that you should use facial cleanser in the morning even before applying the moisturiser to your face and in the night before applying the night cream for revitalization. 

One of the biggest natural beauty secret is to make and use your own handmade facial cleanser. It is also a great way to save money. The natural facial cleanser should contain natural alpha hydroxy acids as they exfoliate and dissolve dead skins and open up the  clogging skin cells. This helps in making the skin look smoother, clear and unclog pores and blackhead. 

The products used to make homemade skin cleanser are milk, sugar, lemon juice, pineapple, vinegar and tomato juice. These are just few names of the list.  A homemade facial cleanser is very much helpful for oil skin as it absorbs the moisture and acts as an anti aging cream. 

If you have a dry skin the best remedy or recipe for the homemade facial cleanser is to mix 3 tablespoon of milk and 1 tablespoon of sugar and make it into a paste. Then scrub it all over the face and rinse it well. Doing the same for atleast 2-3 times a week will make your skin glow and look healthier. 

For oily skin your homemade cleanser should include 2 tablespoon of baking soda along with lemon juice or tomato juice. Take enough quantity of juice so that a paste is formed. Rub the same all over your face and neck specifically near your nose and cheek areas as these are the prominent areas where you find the most oil or blackhead or whiteheads. Be very sure that after you apply the facial cleanser you should apply a moisturiser that is formulated especially for oily skin if you wish to keep your skin soft and hydrated. 

For normal skin you can mix all kinds of alpha hydroxy acids that is available in the house and you form a paste of the same. Apply it on your face and neck and scrub it well. After you rinse it don’t forget to apply moisturiser over the face which is very important. 

You can all these ingredients to make all types of facial cleanse as they are easy, cheap and a great way to improve your complexion.