Natural Body Building Supplements

Body building is body modification such that the bulk of the body is muscles and not fat. The route to body building involves rigorous physical training and dietary changes to replace fat and increase muscle for display. Body building supplements are available in two forms: natural and synthesized ones. Obviously, the natural body building supplements are best for your body in the long run. So, here are the top four natural body building supplements.

Whey Protein:

Whey tops the list of natural body building supplements. Protein is the most important ingredient to body building and whey protein is the best source of protein as it contains the entire range of amino acids required for body building. Naturally, whey protein is found in milk. Whey protein is available as whey concentrates and whey isolates. Whey isolate is obtained during the manufacture of cheese and has 90% protein by weight.


It is an organic acid produced naturally in the body. It is an energizer and boosts your stamina. It helps fight fatigue so that you can train longer with lesser soreness. In addition to pain tolerance, it helps build muscle mass. Natural sources of creatine are herring, tuna, salmon, and beef. However, the pure natural extract is available in the powdered form as creatine monohydrate. The ideal way to have it is with sugar added to the mix, soon after a workout. Sugar transports the creatine directly to the fatigued muscles that absorb the supplement instantly.


This is another amino acid that is naturally produced in the muscles. It aids in providing the muscle its mass. It provides all the enzymes required to handle the rigorous workouts for longer hours. It aids in nourishing the body by delivering the nutrients to muscles at double the speed. As a result you get toned large muscles as after a long work out; the body draws its natural glutamine from the muscles. This has to be replaced by external supplements of glutamine to prevent muscle wasting. Again, glutamine extracted from natural sources is sold in the powdered form that should be included in your milk shake soon after a workout.

Branched chain amino acids:

These are ready to absorb amino acids that are produced from pre-digested protein. Though you are already recommended the whey protein, these amino acids reach the muscles faster than them as they are already broken down to an extent. They act as a stop gap arrangement until the protein from whey reaches your muscles. Thus this is a jump start to your recovery process soon after a workout.
Natural body building supplements should be taken under proper guidance and advice.

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