National Pharmacy Week 2015

The Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA), the national professional body of pharmacists, involved in all areas of pharmacy celebrates the National Pharmacy Week each year in the third week of November to highlight the profession of pharmacy as a suitable and rewarding profession, its importance to the field of medicine and the vital role it plays in the medicinal health of the people.  The National Pharmacy Week aims to promote pharmacists as health care professionals, who are as essential to a patient’s health as the doctor.  Towards this end the IPA organizes various activities to create awareness among people about the importance of pharmacy. 

It is nearly 50 years since the National Pharmacy Week is being celebrated.  All colleges of pharmacy across India, Institutes of pharmacy and their organizations along with their students take enthusiastic part in realizing the aims of the National Pharmacy week. 

National Pharmacy Week

The 2008 celebrations focused on the role of the pharmacist, as a guide to know your medications.  The theme for the year was ‘Know your pharmacist for safe use of prescription medicine’.  As part of the activities were a seminar on the correct use of medicines, role of pharmacists in assisting a person know the right use of medicines, a blood donation camp. A rally of pharmaceutical students highlighting their contribution to medicine and at the college level a debate, quiz and elocution competitions were held.

In 2009 the theme of the National Pharmacy Week was ‘Make Pharmacy your career’.  The focus on the activities this year was to promote pharmacy as a career and it targeted students on the verge of deciding a career, their parents and also the general public.  The activities included awareness camps conducted in schools and colleges, distribution of literature about pharmacy, rallies, seminars, career camps, articles in newspapers, blogs and interactive quizzes, programmes and debates.

The 2010 National Pharmacy Week the theme was ‘Educate before you Medicate- Knowledge is the best medicine—Talk with your Pharmacist’ 

The 2011 National Pharmacy week will emphasize on the role and value of pharmacists in the safety and correct use of medicine and their increasing importance as health care professionals.

Knowledge is the best cure, and the correct know about drugs and prescription medicine can only be given by a pharmacist and people should hence realize the vital role pharmacists play in maintaining their health.  This is the main purpose of the National pharmacy Week.