National Organ Donor Day 2017

When is National Organ Donor Day? 

On February 14th National organ donor day is celebrated. February 14th is also known for Valentine’s Day. So celebrate the Valentine’s Day by signing up to become an organ and tissue donor which will be the ultimate gift of love. To sign up for an organ donor, it takes as much of time as ordering the flowers or buying a box of chocolates.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services  has chosen Valentine's Day to be celebrated as National Organ Donor Day as a part of awareness campaign of the lives since 1998. 

How to Become an Organ and Tissue Donor?

  • First thing is to fill out the organ and tissue donor form or card and register with your State Donor Registry and make sure that you inform your family members that you want to be a donor.

  • Join the National Registry of potential volunteer marrow and blood stem cell donors.

  • Learn how to donate at birth of your baby’s umbilical cord blood stem cells.

  • Donate blood

Why Become a Donor?

  • In USA at least 35,000 children and adults have life-threatening blood diseases which can be cured by a marrow/blood stem cell or cord blood transplant.

  • There are 110,366 people waiting for an organ for transplant as of February 10, 2011.

  • In America every two seconds someone needs blood more than 39,000 units each day, according to the American Red Cross.

Honoring National Organ Donor Day, in February, various Kentucky State Parks are offering special admission and lodging rates.  National Organ Donor Day has been celebrated with an aim to address the need of organ donors across the country.

If you will register your name in Kentucky State Parks, you will get enough encouragement while renewing your driving license or going online to and adding your name.

You may sign the back of your driver’s license in addition to registry joining and use an orange donor dot to show your willingness to donate organs.

When a donor gives a critical part of themselves, many people's lives are translated for the better. You can free people from dialysis treatments, patch up joints or save limbs, help burn victims heal or save lives or give sight by donating your organ. In USA, 18 people are dying every day due to lack of organs for transplant. You can find another name is added to the waiting list in every 13 minutes. 

Recommend your friends and family members to become a registered donor on Valentine's Day and read More....