Multi Stone Engagement Rings

Diamond studded bands as engagement rings have always been first on shopper’s list. Simple, solitaire rings are the most popular picks for most couples. But this trend is slowly changing to make way for multi stone engagement rings.

Multi stone engagement rings come in designs having 3 to 7 stones in the setting. These stones could be diamonds, rubies, emeralds or sapphires, or a combination of two or more of these stones, based on the design. Some frequently used designs in multi stone engagement rings, such as: eternity rings that feature five to seven diamonds, trilogy rings that have three diamonds and the fusion engagement rings. 

Eternity Rings:

Identical diamonds set in a line, usually in a gold band are termed eternity rings. Some couples prefer stones only on the front face of the band; it is then called a half-eternity ring. The number of diamonds in a half-eternity is usually five. The full eternity rings accommodate 7 to 10 diamonds based on the size of the band and the diamonds. This concept was created by De Beers, the world leader in the business of diamonds. This style of multi stone rings is usually preferred by females and hence is a popular lady’s ring.

Trilogy Rings:

Also known as trinity rings, these multi stone engagement rings have three diamonds set in a row, with the larger one occupying the central position. This style of engagement rings is promoted based on the idea that the three stones represent the past, present and the future of the couple. 

Fusion Rings:

Typically a fusion ring comprises of two separate portions of the ring- one being the engagement ring and the other the wedding ring. These rings complement each other depending on the design, may be stand alone pieces that can be worn separately and /or together. The multi stone variety of fusion rings have diamonds studded on both the bands. Some fusion rings may also have three pieces. The third representing pre-engagement ring also called as the promise ring. Whatever may be the significance, fusion rings make a definite fashion statement for multi stone engagement rings.

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